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Wii U: Juggernaut or Bust?

The Wii U is approximately 4 months away, and although there is a ton of information to be revealed and announced---you can bet one thing; the Wii U will be a game changer and redefine the way you view video-game entertainment for years to come. (Apple, iPad, iPhone, Next-Gen, Nintendo, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

DA_SHREDDER  +   887d ago
This one is easy. Jug
Biggest  +   887d ago
You're right that it's easy. . .

It hasn't been released yet.
WeskerChildReborned  +   887d ago
Wow mixed opinions i see, how about we judge the system when it actually comes out.
JBSleek  +   887d ago


Since when was Nintendo and Apple fighting in the home console market?

But anyway. Nintendo doesn't Bust. You can't Bust and have Mario,Kirby,DK,Zelda,Pikman,SS B,Metriod,Pokemon. It just doesn't work.
Patriots_Pride  +   887d ago
Its not about the console market but about the casual market.

My two little sister were die hard Wii fans and my mom both got them Ipads (which are jailbroken)and they can not put it down, the Wii is in the corner of the living room collecting dust.

I know my 2 sister are just 2 people but Ipad games are really addictive and perfect for kids.

I showed my 2 little sister the new WiiU and they were like mehhhh and quckly youtubed best free ipad games.
part of the console market is the casual market.

There is this thing that is called kinect and wii.
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yabhero  +   887d ago
Good thing they aren't WiiU's main market then...
WeskerChildReborned  +   887d ago
I don't even know lol.
Godchild1020  +   887d ago
I don't know, but what I do know is that I want the image of Mario getting ready to fight the Apple logo.

Like others, I will wait until I have the Unit in my house to pass judgement.
koh  +   887d ago
Personally, I doubt it'll be the money printer that was the first few years of the Wii, OR the fairly clear disappointment of the last few years. I absolutely believe it will have solid third party support in the beginning, but I need to see what kind of hardware the next gen Xbox/PS will be working with to decide if it can compete in the long term. I'll probably buy one at some point, but that's just my nature.
NastyLeftHook0  +   887d ago
wii u is going to be awesome, i love zelda and metroid and always will.
NewZealander  +   887d ago
hellz yeah i cant wait to pick up the wii u!

i never liked the wii but the new console looks awesome!
_LarZen_  +   887d ago
Juggernaut or Bust?

I would say someplace in the middle of that.
yabhero  +   887d ago
So like... a busty juggernaut?
_LarZen_  +   886d ago
I like how you think! :P
ThePsychoGamer  +   887d ago
Simple, a region locked bust.

Break the locks.
ame22  +   887d ago
Middle child.
dubal-e  +   887d ago
Jubbernaut No Doubt. Lets be honest its Nintendo. They know how to make good 1st party games at least and with a handfull of 3 parties on board the Wii U is a beast. For now at least.
Patriots_Pride  +   887d ago
Yeah but with the economy not getting any better will people want to spend $300 on a Wii U - plus the WiiU will probably only come bundled with one tablet and cost of games will probably be about $60.

This why I think Ouya will succeed if they market it right - they have to emphasize on price for games and show mods replacing DLC.

@Mr Mike - The economy was shit in 2006 but thats when the recession crises started to unfold - people still had savings and investments and thought that that this would pass over in a year or 2 but reality has kicked in millions of people are homeless and jobless and those who have a job know that they need to keep every little cent in the bank, which means cutting back or spending wisely.
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mike1up  +   887d ago
As if the economy was good when PS3 and 360 came out.
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Ck1x  +   887d ago
Now I'm not even trolling your comments, but you just stated in 3 or 4 post above, that your mom bought your 2 sisters (plural Ipads) but you comment here that the WiiU might struggle because the economy is bad... Both Sony and Microsoft are going hard after the casual and family markets this holiday season. So are you saying that they should just give up and expect everyone out there to want only an iPad this season?
mike1up  +   887d ago

Imo it was a few years earlier than 2006, but fair enough.

I admit that I know next to nothing about the PS4 and 720, but I am willing to bet my "savings and investments" that both will be priced higher than the WiiU. So imo, Nintendo isn't the company to be worried about in this disgraceful economy.

Just do me a favor Patriots_Pride, remember your statement about pricing the next time some Sony fanboy starts ranting about how ultra powerful the PS4 will be. After all, tech cost money. I already own a PC, so why buy another one strictly for my living room?
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   887d ago
I will definitely buy one in a year or so when metroid or zelda comes out. I never bought any nintendo home console at launch due to the fact that they are not really supported by third parties and most of their AAA titles always come 1 or 2 years after launch.My ps3 and 360 will do just fine for another year at list.
Ck1x  +   887d ago
Most people don't buy Nintendo consoles for 3rd party games, that's just been an added bonus. But now their console will have some of the most acclaimed franchises this generation as launch titles plus whatever they bring as well. So its kind of hard to ignore that kind of overview during the holiday season for a new console!
mike1up  +   887d ago
Nice read, and mark me down for Juggernaut.

As for "the core" moving to PC gaming, I made that move years ago. Sure... the Dolphin emulator is nice for single player games, but to truly experience those multiplayer "gems", you need a Nintendo console.
ChunkyLover53  +   887d ago
The days of the 100 million seller console is over. We are going to see numbers closer to the old Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo. That being said, the Wii U is the only next gen game in town, and like it or not, millions of people are going to adopt early. By the time Microsoft and Sony release next generation consoles, the Wii U could have close to a 10 million console lead. I think it'll end its 5 year run at around 60 million sold.
BLow  +   887d ago
I'm not all the specs but I just find it strange that we are this close to release and we still don't have official specs yet. I don't think this has happened before especially for a home console. Hopefully, MS and Sony don't follow this approach when they announce their systems. Oh well, good luck to Nintendo and I hope they have a successful launch.
Ck1x  +   887d ago
I do remember it painstakingly all to well, but Nintendo is emulating the same pattern that they did with the Wii. So I expect August to be a big month for info on games and September to find out more about the hardware and price.
prez184  +   887d ago
what i think is a key thng i hve yet to read about is how much an extra tablet controller will be if its 100 or more many familys will wait as you need 2, as far as the system goes im not going to pas judgement until i own one but from what is see it looks cool they better crank mario zelda metroid smash bros pikman dk kirby out very well like like a new staple franchise game every 3 months To keep buzz going. graphics wise im seeing still images mostly so nt comment The only video ive seen is zombie u which looks rele good. im excited butbit will he some thing i buy off omeone from craigslist who was dissapointed.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   887d ago
This was a good read-

I am not always as convinced about the WiiU Gamepad is an imitation of IPAD, in as much as it is Half a DS with analogue sticks (add the TV and you have a full-unattached DS).

I know that "Blue Ocean" strategy was born out of Nintendo's admiration of Apple- but I also know that DS technology was born from the (now obsolete) PDA's see Palm Pilots.

There is no question that the WiiU has the potential to tap/draw IPad/Android games but I think that is just the coincidental design.

It's like when the DS released and people wanted to make RTS's for it thinking it was like the PC. And for WiiU some Rumors have floated that, normally PC only, MMO's are being developed for WiiU.

The design is very flexible; remember the DS stood for Developer's System, meaning giving the developers more tools to create. Making a versatile Platform for developers has been part of Nintendo's motto since the DS.

(Lol- as I type I see Samsung vs Apple Lawsuit on the news).
madjedi  +   887d ago
That was a good read, right it was biased pro nintendo read.

I guess for the faithful maybe, but for the average gamer that doesn't have the full blown nintendo all the way mentality, not so much
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   886d ago
Ay-Yo Anii,

Did you read the article? It did offer some criticisms. While the writer is pro-Nintendo, by faith, they did not in anyway believe that everything that Nintendo did was a pure rainbow.

I like the article because the writer used facts, history, and other information(s) to reach their conclusion rather than focusing on some minute phrase in an incomplete quote. Too many people (not just writers) do that nowadays.

In the same way, I have 1-UP'd people for making good arguments even when I do not necessarily agree with them.

Are you sure you don't just "Hate" Nintendo?

Tell Laf I said, "HI."-

Oh, And I did not "disagree" with you, someone else did.
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madjedi  +   885d ago
"you can bet one thing; the Wii U will be a game changer and redefine the way you view video-game entertainment for years to come."

This alone is enough for me to not want to read the authors opinion, regardless of whose console is being discussed.

"Are you sure you don't just "Hate" Nintendo?" No i just don't treat them like they are the savior of the game industry(give it up already), and anything and everything they do is a stroke of brilliance. Can do no wrong, ect.

If that makes me a hater, to the rabid nintendo defenders, i fail to see the real downside. Most of them i have dealt with aren't any better the ps3 or 360 fanboys on this site, ie (annoying opinionated assholes)

At least most of the ps3 and 360 ones, don't come off as though it's a chore to get down from their horse to interact with us common rabble. That seems to be a fairly common nintendo fanboy attitude.

Sorry but there are gamers that started on a nes, many yrs ago and have just not big on it's current games/focus.

Being a nintendo hater, on this article is as hard as going to sony article as a microsoft fan. In other words open your mouth and not agree with the majority, and there you go recipe to be called a hater.

Hater not that i believe, overly critical opinionated gamer definitely, maybe if a hater can still own a nintendo console, then yeah label me a hater.

Btw hardware is worthless without the games to back it up.
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Trekster_Gamer  +   887d ago
Mediocre at best... so bust.
DivineAssault  +   887d ago
my goodness this is ridiculous.. Theres ppl excited & theres ppl who blow it off.. Just ask yourselfs one question.. "Have you really REALLY enjoyed a nintendo system since N64? Excluding the fact the 1st party games are well built & all" The last GREAT times i had was with twilight princess (a gamecube game ported) & Metroid corruption.. They rest were ok for a bit but i quickly seen the same pattern happening again since the late 90s.. Im waiting til i see what they do thats so damn fantastic before i buy it this time.. I could be wrong but something just isnt right with this wii u.. I feel as if its going to be cheaply built but who knows?
Ck1x  +   886d ago
Then you have had your head stuck in the sand my friend! Because Nintendo has had some great games across all of their systems from the N64 on up...
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madjedi  +   887d ago
"the Wii U will be a game changer and redefine the way you view video-game entertainment for years to come."

The author needs to get over himself. I have used the move, wii mote and kinect. And i still prefer the standard controller, so an ipad like controller isn't going to wow me.

It's the newest nintendo console with the new versions of nintendo classic titles. It will be a game changer like the next sony and ms consoles are ie not really anything radically different than what the hd twins or vita already offer.

Do you nintendo guys really believe this koolaid drinking bs, if so lol.

Sorry but nintendo hasn't been a juggernaut since the nes/snes. But i guess that depends on whether your refer to games or sales.

Even if it only does 30 million in sales i wouldn't consider it a bust, if it has a good software library to back it up. The wii did a 100 million or more in sales, the biggest complaint from wii owners was no good games to play for months on end.

Sorry but the console isn't using virtual reality, it isn't a game changer or redefining the way you look at the video game industry. Stupid ass fanboy.

I tried recently playing mario galaxy 1, and i am wondering where the all fun from mario games went, maybe it gets alot better after the first world. Because atm it's dull as hell.
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AO1JMM  +   887d ago
I cannot say as it isn't even out yet.

but, I do hope it is a Juggernaut
Jirachi  +   886d ago
It will be like ds,it will sell well to the casuals and the core and hate great hardcore games. hardcore games are only half the potienal audience of any system. if you don't market to casuals then you shoot your self in the foot when your hardcore players get to old to play games,or die.

They shouldn't market to only casuals either because there pretty fickle they have to market to both.
astar123456789  +   886d ago
to tell the truth i really don't care for Wii U i wont buy it and wast my money, i'm waiting for PS4 and 720. I have not played a nin game in years so i really dont care about their games any more, they had great game but i moved on.
eagle21  +   885d ago

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