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1080 Snowboarding going live on U.S. VC next week

QJ.net reports that word has it from the Nintendo NSider2 forums that a new title will be speeding its way on the the U.S. Virtual Console for the Wii with 1080 Snowboarding. The new VC title is scheduled to go live this upcoming Monday on the Wii Shop Channel.

The classic Nintendo 64 title was already featured on the European VC a week ago, and now North American gamers can experience the same snow-shredding action the game has to offer.

1080 Snowboarding will be available on the US VC for 1,000 Wii Points and has been Rated E by the ESRB. (1080 Snowboarding Virtual Console, Wii)

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Omegasyde  +   2458d ago
Must buy, I had alot of fun with this game. I wonder if Nintedo will release a new 1080 with Wii Fit compatibility.
Cyrus365  +   2458d ago
I think this is the next logical step, imagine snow boarding game with wii fit use...
Cyrus365  +   2458d ago
I remember this game, one of the first games I got with N64, besides the big ones (Like Super mario 64, mario kart, etc.).
ScottEFresh  +   2458d ago
Still waiting for SnowboardKids...the best snowboarding game ever made.
BLUR111  +   2457d ago
^^ ^^
that one was awesome
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2458d ago
One word: Classic
superman  +   2457d ago
This game rocked back then.
Cyrus365  +   2457d ago
yeah and it was pretty much ground breaking, then tons of snow boarding games came after it.
wiizy  +   2457d ago
im sure that means that a new 1080 is on the way to the wii.. cant wait
GameOn  +   2457d ago
I still have this for my N64
what a great game. Any one remember the panda you could unlock?
OOG FunK  +   2457d ago
lol back in the days when youd buy magazines like tips and tricks that would tell you the unlockables and crap like that o the memories......how the internet has jaded us lol

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