Iwata Talks Playing DS and 3DS Games on Wii U

Remember when Nintendo released the Super GameBoy attachment for SNES back in the 90s? How about the GameBoy Player for Gamecube? There was something radical about the idea that you could play your handheld games on the big TV screen – pixelation and funky sound issues be darned. At a recent shareholders’ meeting, someone asked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata about whether the company was interested in offering similar functionality for Wii U in terms of interacting with DS and 3DS.

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sfadul2096d ago

if they do something like that I'll change from being someone that its not sure of wanting a Wii U (not at Lauch for sure) to a day 1 buyer!

There are LOTS of good DS/3Ds game that I'll love to play and since I dont do handheld gaming, that would be and ideal solution.

yabhero2096d ago

Every time I hear someone say they don't do handheld gaming I scratch my head and ask, " why the heck not?"

linkratos2096d ago

It's a time and money thing. If I'm home I'd rather play on my big screen. And I never feel the need to game on the go. Of course people that live in cities may have more time for that with publics transportation and all.

ChickeyCantor2095d ago

"And I never feel the need to game on the go"

Until you've tried it...

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Robertbishop2096d ago

Nentendo just seems to get better with giving me what i want. happy Robert i am

Killman2096d ago

How about making GB - GBA games downloadable to the controller, since it has a screen? A controller and a retro handheld console in one.

Rashonality2096d ago

if it can output them in higher resolution (at least the top screen) then that would be heaven.

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The story is too old to be commented.