Nike+ Kinect Training kicking gamers into shape November 2nd

Microsoft has announced it will be launching personalised training experience Nike+ Kinect Training on Xbox 360 this November.

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Shadonic2127d ago

ill be doing it ive gained almost every pound ive lost playing most kinect games.

Bigpappy2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

You also need to make sure you are eating properly. Make sure you are eating cooked and raw (salad) veggies everyday along with lots of fruits. You can eat the other stuff on the side. But don't make meat, sweets and starch your main diet. I will kill you.

Shadonic2127d ago

ill keep that in mind thanks

ChunkyLover532127d ago

Very quietly Microsoft has gotten themselves setup to be a juggernaut in the work out world. I know a few people who bought a Xbox 360/Kinect just to do things like Fitness Evolved and Zumba. I guess options are good, I do kind of like the calorie counter that they instituted recently.

EVILDEAD3602127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Fitness Evolved blew my mind at launch. I sshow it to people and they are in strsight disbelief.

Fitness Evolved 2 is amazing because you can actually jog through different cities.

Nike+ could be a big deal if boy MS and Nike advertise it well and let the masses outside of E3 know what's going on.

I use the Nike+ app when I run with my Iphone.

But you are right, if MS really pushed fitness games and made aware that Zumba is best with Kinect they would get a great respose as Z classes are hot right now.

F-evolved and K Sports 2 already had a calorie counter, if they made it useful across all Kinect games like achievements it could be a hit.