Lionhead explains why Project Milo was scrapped and Fable: The Journey was started

IncGamers: Remember Lionhead’s Project Milo? The Kinect project which showed the user interacting with a little boy on screen that was demonstrated during the 2009 Microsoft E3 press conference? That was back when the Kinect was still known as Project Natal.

Sure you do. Who could forget Milo’s cute, kind and eerily friendly face?

The project was scraped following that E3 and never seen of again. Gary Carr, creative director at Lionhead Studios, has explained a little more about the history of Project Milo and why it never came into contact with the public’s eyes.

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JohnR2128d ago

i still think that project milo idea could work as a game-type thing. everyone loves a good pet/kid/toy to look after.

i don't think it should be a little boy though. don't like the idea of something "real" to look after. would prefer a... pokemon or cute dragon or something.

like a fancy tamagotchi or nintendogs

mcstorm2128d ago

I agree and im sure Next year or maybe the start of next gen we will see a MS studio do this. Kinectimals is kind of the start of this and I seem it getting voice and scanning controls next.

Im looking forward to seeing what the new Fable game is like. I was not to impressed with Fable 3 but this looks like it could be a step out of the same old same old for Fable. But before I judge it ill wait for the game to come out and play it for my self.

2127d ago
nukeitall2127d ago


I think people are so negative to motion control and especially to Kinect, that negative reviews will be abound regardless of the quality of the game.

However, I personally look forward to try Fable: The Journey and hope it's going to be a good game. I'm really glad MS isn't abandoning Kinect!

MS is really pushing new possibilities with Kinect.

from the beach2128d ago

Maybe something with Viva Pinata could work?

Wintersun6162128d ago

If Milo had become reality, then video games would have been blamed every time some wreck of a human molested a child, not just whenever there's a notable killing spree.


Kran2128d ago

Because of one man, that's why.

Tundra2128d ago

That kid looks f**kin' creepy.

It's a pretty cool concept but with Milo being a kid, it might have turned several people off.

lzim2128d ago

If it was Milo and Friends it would have done as well as Kinectimals and Pinata.

Further properties/DLC could have included such things as yard sport (tag, capture the flag, catch, etc)

DasTier2128d ago

Or on in some bad cases ;)

Eiffel2128d ago

My assumption was because like most of Kinects early marketing, it was smoke and mirrors.

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The story is too old to be commented.