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Lionhead explains why Project Milo was scrapped and Fable: The Journey was started

IncGamers: Remember Lionhead’s Project Milo? The Kinect project which showed the user interacting with a little boy on screen that was demonstrated during the 2009 Microsoft E3 press conference? That was back when the Kinect was still known as Project Natal.

Sure you do. Who could forget Milo’s cute, kind and eerily friendly face?

The project was scraped following that E3 and never seen of again. Gary Carr, creative director at Lionhead Studios, has explained a little more about the history of Project Milo and why it never came into contact with the public’s eyes. (Fable: The Journey, Industry, Kinect, Project Milo, Xbox 360)

JohnR  +   1132d ago
i still think that project milo idea could work as a game-type thing. everyone loves a good pet/kid/toy to look after.

i don't think it should be a little boy though. don't like the idea of something "real" to look after. would prefer a... pokemon or cute dragon or something.

like a fancy tamagotchi or nintendogs
mcstorm  +   1132d ago
I agree and im sure Next year or maybe the start of next gen we will see a MS studio do this. Kinectimals is kind of the start of this and I seem it getting voice and scanning controls next.

Im looking forward to seeing what the new Fable game is like. I was not to impressed with Fable 3 but this looks like it could be a step out of the same old same old for Fable. But before I judge it ill wait for the game to come out and play it for my self.
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nukeitall  +   1132d ago

I think people are so negative to motion control and especially to Kinect, that negative reviews will be abound regardless of the quality of the game.

However, I personally look forward to try Fable: The Journey and hope it's going to be a good game. I'm really glad MS isn't abandoning Kinect!

MS is really pushing new possibilities with Kinect.
from the beach  +   1132d ago
Maybe something with Viva Pinata could work?
Wintersun616  +   1132d ago
If Milo had become reality, then video games would have been blamed every time some wreck of a human molested a child, not just whenever there's a notable killing spree.

Kran  +   1132d ago
Because of one man, that's why.
Tundra  +   1132d ago
That kid looks f**kin' creepy.

It's a pretty cool concept but with Milo being a kid, it might have turned several people off.
lzim  +   1132d ago
If it was Milo and Friends it would have done as well as Kinectimals and Pinata.

Further properties/DLC could have included such things as yard sport (tag, capture the flag, catch, etc)
DasTier  +   1132d ago
Or on in some bad cases ;)
Eiffel  +   1132d ago
My assumption was because like most of Kinects early marketing, it was smoke and mirrors.
neutralgamer19  +   1132d ago
Yeah smoke and mirrors. it would have never turned out the way they were presenting it. Just look at the Kinect as a whole in no way has it lived to what it was touted to be. so much so that the same features that were suppose to be its high points are what are making games score lower when implemented. Motion control is just a sham with Kinect and devs are now focusing on voice controls lol really did ppl really buy Kinect for voice control?
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betrayed gamer  +   1132d ago
in all honesty i can see this taking a different life. for the gen after next have a pseudo ai in the system. use kinect or ps eye, and have it learn your real name, age and etc. since systems are going to be "always connected" lets say a friend sends you a message while you are a way the ai will forward it to your phone, oh a new dlc arrived on the marketplace/psn store for that game your playing if its free, download it if it costs money ask your permission. if your running a music player have it pick music you generally listen too the most, or if you choose it have her he or it pic for you. have it interact with some games you play, like if its a work out game have it be there helping you out instead of the game model, you like sports? have it use the internet connection to inform u of your team etc i would lioke that and i know it would be a gimmick but i think it would be a really good gimmick. i mean i sometimes talk to my xbox thatnks to kinect but i alway hate saying xbox play xbox apps, xbox stop. i'd rather say a name. however this would require the system to have a separate core, and ram to not interfere with the games which would be costly thats why i say it should be for the gen after next.
lzim  +   1132d ago
Reminds me of the Unincorporated man series.

There's Avatars that act like virtual butlers.

Rashonality  +   1132d ago
because Milo would be a boring piece of software, if i wanted to talk to someone i would talk to a friend or something.
besides,i don't believe we reached the point where A.I can simulate human intelligence.
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TheMutator  +   1132d ago
Lionhead sucks end of story!!!
devilhunterx  +   1132d ago
Fire in the hole!
Tzuno  +   1132d ago
Ow come on you people have no soul? what about Pedobear it has a soul too and now all of his hopes vent down.
cheapness1  +   1132d ago
Thank God for "seated technology", yes to appease core gamers all you have to do is let them play games sitting down...

If they knew it wasn't economically feasible and it was just experimentation, why show it at E3 and act shocked about media reaction?
Shadonic  +   1132d ago
Maybe if it was something like glados or cortana a sort of AI that could interact with you as you play a game and be updated with hints and tips from a database as you play different games and it could even comment on the way you react kind of like with fifa with the curseing but she or he could have dude bro or chill comments and may even curse or react angry towards you if you act angerly towards them.
from the beach  +   1132d ago
It's nice to finally get some little bits of info about this thing - and purely a coincidence that it's happened since Moly-noob shuffled off, I'm sure.

I would have bought it but, who knows if it worked or what it was even supposed to do. Apparently it was close to completion when cancelled.
ChunkyLover53  +   1132d ago
It makes sense, the tech was promising. Maybe it'll be used one day.
Tonester925  +   1132d ago
I wouldn't have bought Milo. I just can't see myself getting into something like that
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neutralgamer19  +   1131d ago
Name one thing it hasnt done? really? Its not about what it hasnt done its what it hasnt done well!!!!! You get it now? And i wont even elaborate on that because there is too much proof that shows its mediocrity and where and how it falters.

Whats the sense of being the controller if you cant control what you want well? So in all honesty you are not the controller at all because the latency and messed up controls it doesn't allow you to be the controller.

Yeah and you cant wait for Fable Journey? i recollect your name in past Kinect references i bet you couldnt wait for Star wars killer app and the last abomination either.

Face it devs are focusing on voice commands (which is a joke given ppl didnt buy kinect mainly for that feature that can be done with mics) because it does not do motion control well unless its a dance game on rails.

This is what was touted and has not been realized through connect "Microsoft promised a lot of bells and whistles that simply haven’t come to pass, such as scanning decals in seconds, fluidly conversing with characters through complex speech and the notion of ‘hybrid’ titles that deliver convergent gameplay between the player’s voice, Kinect and controllers."
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mochachino  +   1131d ago
Probably because like most of pre-launch Kinect games it was all malarky.

"Scan in your skateboard and start peddling", yeah right. Kinect was the biggest BS marketing trick this gen.
neutralgamer19  +   1130d ago
Wow Edonus is so smart and equipped to argue this subject (chuckles). Plz your just some blind fanboy trying to validate your purchase. I already gave you a list of things it didnt do. We dont even need to go into how much of a farce it is and how MS stole your money. Just look at reviews scores. reviews of the abomination and all its complaints they are there for a reason. Almost forgot you even have a Kinect so please take your fanboy underwear off lil bill gates and stop being so brain washed. Kinect has not lived up nor has it accomplished what it said it would do!!!!!!!!

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