Shipments of free Halo 3 experience delays

Last November, Microsoft ran an offer where all new Xbox 360 owners could grab a free copy of Halo 3 for upgrading to Xbox Live gold and registering the new console's serial number. Well, Microsoft was supposed to get the free copies of Halo 3 to their new 360 owners by January 18th, but have hit a bit of a snag.

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socomnick3703d ago

Thats a pretty cool deal.

permutated3703d ago

Still waiting on that free copy.


mccomber3703d ago

Mine said it should be here in a couple weeks. Doesn't matter much since it's going straight on ebay or goozex...

akaFullMetal3703d ago

funny, how most of them probably went to gold because of this game, and already bought it, and now just getting a copy of it, hahahah

Iron Man 23703d ago

It's sad if people who bought an Xbox 360 around the same time Halo 3 was released were promised a free copy of Halo 3,and after three or more months of waiting they still haven't receiced it,quit waiting and buy the damn game already!;)

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