Electronic Arts promoting piracy?

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"Following a recent report that EA has decided to increase their sales prices in India, gamers have come forth to explain why this move is encouraging piracy."

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v0rt3x2274d ago

promoting? no.
encouraging? yes.

And not just with increasing sales prices...*cough* origin *cough*.

kamruk2274d ago

well of course they're not directly promoting it, but with how piracy was previously seen in India they might as well.

I'm wondering if they simply looked at their sales demographics and concluded that the people who could afford expensive games would make them more money than the people who'd be waiting for discounts, but I can't imagine that.

I pulled up a list of living costs in India

putting game prices into that perspective makes the pricing choice outrageous

Diffraction_Fos2274d ago

EA's tagline should be - "Happily making you pay us more money each time."
On second thought, it probably already is.

kamruk2274d ago

I can see the board members in front of me...

TheSuperior 2274d ago

Wow EA will do anything for extra cash in their pocket :/ damn shame i have to be addicted to them greedy basterds games lol

Moncole2274d ago

Only on Orgine is another word for piracy.

tachy0n2274d ago

well, it looks like thepiratebay will receive lots of web traffic from india xDD

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