The Importance Of PC Demos

What most of these demos have in common is to give a taste of the full game with limited restrictions on what the player could do from gameplay standpoint. In end, this is what matters most – giving the consumer an opportunity to legally sample your product.

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geth1gh1971d ago

Honestly that's what torrents are for. If I like a game enough to invest real time into it, I usually buy it.

Piracy isn't the problem everyone makes it out to be. Sure a few million might have downloaded your game illegally. Truth is it sucked and they wouldn't have bought it anyways.

truepcgaming1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

While I can see your point, if a game is illegally downloaded, that gives more fire to gaming companies who are already jaded by piracy.

geth1gh1971d ago

Not true, the gaming companies would like you to see it this way though.

Very few have the balls to stand up for the true problem as I said above. The withcer developer recently stated the same thing about game piracy. This was right after they announced 4 million people had pirated the witcher 2.

Either way, with the free to play model on the rise, this might be less and less of a issue.

kevnb1971d ago

Why bother, it costs money to host a demo.

kevnb1971d ago

Won't happen. Free to play with micro transactions work like it or not.

truepcgaming1971d ago

If a gaming company like Bethesda or Rockstar can pump tens of thousands of dollars into an ad campaign, I believe they can afford hosting for a demo.

h311rais3r1971d ago

I often pirate games to see if I want to buy it. Unless THERe is a demo of course. I don't pirate to save money I pirate to see if I want to spend the money. If I like it I buy it. If I don't I delete it.

truepcgaming1971d ago

This is probably the biggest aspect to piracy, at least in my mind.

You could look for a review online, but decent PC reviews are as hard to come by as demos these days. You could ask a friend, but what if he or she is in the same boat? You could also ask others who have bought the game, but in many cases, you cannot be sure their opinion will match yours. There are game trailers available online, but those are really just marketing tools and give you no true insight in how the games are played.

tachy0n1971d ago

game review are useless since everyone has a different taste in games.

JEW_UNIT1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I do the same...I only test if my computer can run the game lol...If it can't run, I won't buy. Too bad publishers out there don't realize that not everybody can run their game. A demo is a great way to see how well something can run.

IMO, the only reason I can think of they don't create demos anymore is if they know their game is garbage and just don't want people to know and want them to foolishly buy before trying.

Plagasx1971d ago

Is this day where shitty ports are made all the time, we better damn well get a fucking PC demo to ensure the purchase or off to pirate bay I go!

psynetik1971d ago

LOL piratebay. torrentleech and blackcats-games ftw

Farsendor11971d ago

the day pirates,pirate games for a demo is the day i sale my pc.

how many people truly buy the games after pirating? friend of mine that pirates has only bought 1 game.

i haven't pirated since i was 17 i am now 23.