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Two new PS2 Classics revealed for Playstation 3

Two new PS2 Classics digital re-releases for the Playstation 3 have been revealed in the latest listing update from the Entertainment Software Rating Board. (Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids, Haunting Ground, PS3)

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helghast102  +   852d ago | Well said

cpayne93  +   852d ago
Out of all the ps2 games, out of some of the greatest titles ever released in the history of gaming, they give us freakin dora. Wtf sony?
flankhim  +   852d ago
They need to put the Socom's in the store!
tehpees3  +   852d ago
Am I the only one that wants Smugglers Run and War of the Monsters?
Angels3785  +   852d ago
They cancel the the KIllzone ps2 classic, but give us this???? what the hell!!!!?!?!?!?!??!
PoSTedUP  +   852d ago
socom, smugglers run and killzone. ah my childhood....

no but yeah socom2 on the Ps store! there were only 40 people playing online yesterday in the world, it's getting sadder and sadder as the months go on... im thankful that the servers are still up tho.
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TheBigShamona  +   852d ago
@tehpees3 Those, along with the original killzone, are my favorite ps2 games ever and are part of my fondest memories:)
moparful99  +   852d ago
@tehpees3 Smugglers run was the first game I bought when I got my first ps2... Wow you just brought back some memories..
Oh_Yeah  +   852d ago
never even knew there was a such thing on ps2... i just want some dark cloud 1 & 2, klonoa 2, the bouncer, manhunt, and the warriors.
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EVILDEAD360  +   852d ago
@ Ockbar..

props for bringing up The Bouncer..would have spit out drink..

I'm still hoping they announce the original Killzone HD in 3D..

But would scream like a girl who saw a giant spider if they announce King's Field HD collection.

If Team ICO could bless us with Shadow in 3D..anything is possible..

Dday141  +   852d ago
Dora > CoD
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   852d ago
I agree for Socom for singleplayer but the only is abandoned. Nobody is on there. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they shutting down the Socom servers?
Dee_91  +   852d ago
think of the kids !!
think ... of .. the .. kids !!
BattleAxe  +   852d ago
@ flankhim,

They definitely need to put the Socom games in the store. Other games I can think of would be:
- Killzone
- Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
- Gran Turismo 2, 3 & 4
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 & 4
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
- Medal of Honor: Frontline
- Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
- Medal of Honor: European Assault
- Star Wars: Battlefront
- Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
- Star Wars: Starfighter
- Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
- Black
gta2800  +   852d ago
When I hear "PS2 classic" I imagine a game that's classic in terms of being great...not a random game being called classic cause it's fucking antique lol. Waste of space on disc or PSN bandwidth lol.
Morrigan-Aensland  +   852d ago
I wish there could be a hd remake for "the matrix path of neo"
AgreeFairy  +   852d ago
What's wrong with Dora?

Related video
TotalHitman  +   852d ago
I had a dream that there was a HD remake of Path of Neo... lol.
OMG!! Sony released a KID'S GAME! WTF were they thinking?!?!?!?! Now the PS3 is DOOMED!!!!
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Kinect  +   852d ago
Ps3 was doomed long ago please get ur self updated with news
Ingram  +   852d ago | Funny
^Says the guy named Kinect
asterisk619  +   852d ago
I would love to see Kingdom Hearts HD instead of DORA >:3
WeskerChildReborned  +   852d ago
Aha i hope it's not Dora the Explorer.
Patriots_Pride  +   852d ago
Sony were not kidding when they said that they want to make this xmas a family xmas.
Lior  +   852d ago
Sony I'm begging you for gran turismo 3 HD
dc1  +   852d ago
The next GT is in development.

I get HD remakes (In fact, I love them).
However.. not for Simulations.

This is comparable to making an HD remake for NFL 2K6.
Lovable  +   852d ago
I've been waiting for a long time for this!!!

Thanks Sony
MazzingerZ  +   852d ago
The game looks way and plays better than many of those wanted classics but I agree, when you hear "classic" the last thing that comes to your mind is Dora.

However, not against its release as long as the library of PS2 games on the PS3 increases so everyone can find something to play.

Similar to how PSP library has grown for PS Vita, I know people complains about the lack of new content on Vita men for guys like me that took a long break of the PSP until a real handheld that wasn't a turn off when switching between PS3 quality and handheld quality showed up (=PSV) there are a lot of games there to keep me busy...catching up with lots of PSP games, super cheap today!

back to topic, I'm a dad and can see the value in a Dora game, not everybody plays in it's room games, gamers also grow up and get kids ;)
dale_denton  +   852d ago
socom 2 hd please
Jamzluminati  +   852d ago
Dora? Awesome. Now give me my damn Vice City.
Theangrybogan  +   852d ago
I was thinking the same except San Andreas!
Son_Lee  +   852d ago
Yes! Haunting Ground! My friend had this but I never got a chance to play it!
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   852d ago
Pick it up! It was one of the best games of last generation and it still looks pretty good even to today's standards.
-MD-  +   852d ago
I never played it either but remember reading about it when it originally came out, back then I wasn't much of a horror fan.

Do PS2 classics ever go on sale?
cpayne93  +   852d ago
Was it really that good? I've never heard of it. At first I was excited because at first glance it looked like silent hill, but I guess they won't do that since they have the hd collection.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   852d ago
The only people I knew who had a problem of the game was gamers who played it assuming that it played like Resident Evil and like your comment revealed Capcom never gave that game any exposure whatsoever.
WeskerChildReborned  +   852d ago
Can't wait to play it then!
gaden_malak  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground was pretty cool. Not on the Silent Hill level but very under-rated.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground, the game that took survival horror to the next level but got criminally underrated due to people misunderstanding it's vision. It was a huge game with no load times, brilliant puzzles and disturbing yet awesome cast with a ton of unlockables to boot.

You want to play the game that was the understudy for Amnesia then please pick this up if you haven't already....

Random fact: This game ran on the Resident Evil Outbreak engine.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   852d ago
So true, I got up to the part where that creepy ass women hunts you down with a knife.Scared the crap out of me.
Brilliant game.
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Lord_Sloth  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground was the game with the dog that made a guest appearance in RE4, right?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   852d ago
I remember Huey and Fiona making an appearance in Tatsunoko vs Capcom but the stray dog in Resident Evil 4 does look alot like him. Never noticed it until now, thanks for reminding me......
DonMingos  +   852d ago
I will definetilly pick haunting ground. If they launch clock tower games and Rule of Rose then I will complete my collection for The best survival horror games I missed on the PS2
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Beate  +   852d ago
Dora the Explorer is not a PlayStation 2 classic...
pixelsword  +   852d ago
I don't think it's even a classic...
KwietStorm  +   852d ago
Your avatar suits this so perfectly
LastDance  +   852d ago
I don't even think it's a game
gintoki777  +   852d ago
Dora the Explorer was a masterpiece. It almost exactly replicated the experience of the T.V. which in itself is beautiful. The Graphics are also incredible as they bring Dora to life as you have never seen before.
Patriots_Pride  +   852d ago
Sounds like you played the shit out of this game when your were 5.
godofboobees  +   852d ago
Swiper no swiping. Sorry I have kids lol
MRMagoo123  +   852d ago
the back pack song nearly sent me crazy and the stupid ask a map one uggghhh im glad my kids are older now
BelieveinGhosts  +   852d ago
Will Sony ever release Socom 2 HD or is Socom truly dead?
Rjs37  +   852d ago
Now that would be great to see.
asmith2306  +   852d ago
Yeah, that needs to happen.
Commodore  +   852d ago
Sadly they won't because they don't like projects that are guaranteed to make money.

Every decision they make is based on how much money it will lose them.

-A former PS gamer of 15 years, and SOCOM 1-CA Vet
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EliteDave93  +   852d ago
Come on Sony! Tell R* to put GTA III and Vice City on PSN already!
asmith2306  +   852d ago
And San Andreas!
Red_Orange_Juice  +   852d ago
with trophies!
MRMagoo123  +   852d ago
why would you want any gta but san andreas, vice city was good and all but san andreas was miles better in every way, i still have my ps2 r rated copy at home so i can show ppl the hot coffee scenes using my action reply cheat disk lol.
Xof  +   852d ago

Where is Final Fantasy XII?
Suikoden V?
Xenosaga I, II and III?
Wild Arms 3, XF, 4 and 5?
Dot Hack G.U.?
Rogue Galaxy?
Fatal Frame?

Sony used the PS2 classics series to "excuse" their asinine b/c removal. They promised they add to the library steadily so that gamers could play their favorite games. But instead, all we've got are 1 or 2 good games, an equal number of decent games, and a small amount of Garbage.

They need to release 2-3 PS2 Classics every week. EVERY WEEK. They also need to put more PS1 and PSP games up on the PSN. They should be actively entreating publishers and developters for this. Digital distribution should be a no-brainer for everyone involved, due to the insanely high profit margins.
thatdudesfrys  +   852d ago
Those games were so well done.
Relientk77  +   852d ago
Rogue Galaxy is awesome
Dir_en_grey  +   852d ago
For really good games I rather they just make a HD remake
Canary  +   852d ago
15 agrees and 14 disagrees? I don't think I've ever seen a split that so clearly and aptly divided the N4G community between the half that likes games, and the half that hates games.
12345bnm  +   852d ago | Funny
One of the best games ever created.......
.........and Haunting Ground.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   852d ago
XD Bubbles+ dude
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CaptainSheep  +   852d ago
I want Persona 4. I know it'd damage P4G's sales a LITTLE bit but I really want it on the Store.
r21  +   852d ago
dora the explora....you kidding me? out of all those ps2 games, this one was chosen. why not black or ghosthunter or any other ps2 game :L
AusRogo  +   852d ago
Dora? I lol'd.
Frances-the-Mute  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground is welcomed, would like to see Fatal Frame as well. Give me TimeSplitters, Chaos Legion, Shinobi, Psi-Ops or Second Sight. C'mon.
mep69  +   852d ago
i want to plat Orphan again :(
dorron  +   852d ago
I gotta thank Sony for making me laugh with the Dora Classic thing...really, thank you! Best laugh of the day.

By the way, Dragon Quest VIII HD now or bust!
leahcim  +   852d ago
yes Haunting Ground!!

the most underrated survival of all times

play this game and you will understand what I am talking about.

a true masterpiece
Tornadobounce  +   852d ago
Freedom fighters would be good
Angels3785  +   852d ago
A sequel to that would be good as well.......man I think that was one of my favorite ps2 games......
Unversed87  +   852d ago
Kingdom Hearts 2? Hd or non where is it!
Summons75  +   852d ago
both 1 and 2 need to go up on the classics or get a HD set
NBT91  +   852d ago
Yeah I am pretty sure that the reason KH 1 / 2 are not on the store yet is because SE want to eventually release them with upgraded visuals and such, like with Final Fantasy 10.

But, we will see I guess. The way SE have gone this gen I would not be at all surprised if KH never got released on PS3 at all... Especially if PS4 ends up able to play PS2 games, which is pretty possible.
Kte  +   852d ago
WOOT Haunting grounds hahaha that game is freaky and scary :D
Venox2008  +   852d ago
haunting ground is a must for any true survival horror fan, plus it has multiple endings, great puzzles, nice graphics and some boob physics ^^ :)
level 360  +   852d ago
With Dora the Explorer.. I think just maybe it could be a strategic move on Sony's part to re-boot this game to coincide with the Wii U's release which is specifically targeted at kids.

As for Haunting Grounds, again on the Nintendo subject - since they now co-own the rights to Fatal Frame/Project Zero which is a brilliant game of course, Sony needs to come up with something to maybe compete with that title since Nintendo will also do a Wii U version.
Killman  +   852d ago
Nothing against putting a young kids game there (Hell, I still enjoy friggin Blue Clues, Dora though, is just...bad), but Sony has been so damn lackluster when it comes to putting classics on PSN that it is annoying to see a game that was never asked for. Give us the better titles first, then bring the shovelware.

Never played Haunting Grounds, it sounds very interesting. I remember hearing about it when it launched.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground is welcome to my collection. :)

I'd LOVE Rule of Rose, too! Please, Sony?
DonMingos  +   852d ago
Well said. Haunting ground, Rule of Rose and Clock Tower are the horror masterpieces that I didn't play on the PS2. If only I coud add them to my collection on the PS3 it would be great
phatfreddy1978  +   852d ago
I would have love if they released The Dark Watch that game was great.
Summons75  +   852d ago
Haunting Ground sounds sweet, I'll pick it up.

But common Sony you got Persona 3 to go up there now get P4 and the rest of the ps3 SMT games!!!! Also Dot Hack as well
smashman98  +   852d ago
Caant F***n wait to go on an adventure with boots im so fu**n psyched righh now
Withdreday  +   852d ago
Dora? That cuts it, I'm buying a used PS2.
Ben_Grimm  +   852d ago
We need to get the Deception series out on the classics.
Dora!? I guess this is what the fans asked for.
Biohazard8860  +   852d ago
From playing silent hill 2 and 3 i would like too see Silent hill 4 the room being avalible on the ps store
Adnan_rules  +   852d ago
LOL Dora is a Classic!! LOL don't remember that
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