PlayStation Network down for maintenance this Thursday

Sony have announced that PSN will be down for scheduled maintenance this Thursday and Friday, with the downtime commencing at 4PM UK time on July 26th and ending at 8AM on July 27th.

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BelieveinGhosts2067d ago

oh no, so many hours, really? oh well, atleast it is necessary. All i have to do is try to keep my PS3 logged on before 4pm ;)

-GametimeUK-2067d ago

I wouldn't mind not playing games online, but not being able to sign into PSN makes it unable for you to watch netflix :-(
Oh well. I will just watch LOTR on Thursday night.

Fishermenofwar2067d ago


I have watched LOTR far too many times myself....

Sometimes I just throw it on for background music...LOL

I always make sure I'm planted in front of the TV for my favorite parts

2067d ago
StraightPath2067d ago

AGAIN?! Most common thing on psn. But oh well its free.

NastyLeftHook02067d ago

most common thing on psn is award winning, goty games.

TopDudeMan2067d ago

Yay, I'll have my pc by then, so I can spend that day installing all kinds of stuff on it.

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dubt722067d ago

Well at least it's free. Right? Guys?

SilentNegotiator2067d ago

Otherwise some scheduled downtime would be devastating.


NastyLeftHook02067d ago

and i love it, not paying 60 bucks to play online, and instead getting a game.

2067d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.