The Best Dreamcast Games

PDC Staff writes:

"There's a lot of great games for the Dreamcast, but also a lot of filler. It's the same as with any system, really; you have to sort through the chaff to find the real gems. It's with this in mind that we've created the pages you're reading now. Here you'll find our picks for the best of the best Dreamcast titles, games that excel in their individual genres and make you proud to be a Dreamcast owner."

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INehalemEXI3768d ago

Shenmue and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 comes to mind.

jujunogo3768d ago

F*ck Sega and F*ck Dreamcast

PoeBoy3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Dreamcast imo was/is the best system ever made. The only problem with the system is it was a head of its time. The system was amazing and did things no other system has ever done. The new generation systems are "somewhat" tapping into what dreamcast did.

Just like PS3 is ahead of its time... Please note I own 360 & PS3... PS3 will be a MUCH better system than the 360 in the near future. The difference between the PS3 & Dreamcast is that sony will have the money to keep the system going long enough for developers to tap into its true powers.

My only advise to you as not to bash a system that I would bet you have never played in your life. MAkes you look pretty stupid...

B Man3767d ago

means there is no reason to play it anymore? You must be one of those Stupid Spoiled Whore gamers that only play the newest games with the best graphics. So what if Dreamcast, or any other console is dead? I still play them all (Actually plan on playing some SNES today on my original console). I don't see the big deal about making dreamcast articles, when this website used to be filled with stupid format war articles.

If anything, hopefully this article will get people to check out some of the greatest games ever made... especially SoA and Samba De Amigo.

joemomma3768d ago

Why does this keep getting approved?

N73603768d ago

Wrong its a really good console with games like Street Fighter III 3rd strike, MVC 1-2, CVS 1-2, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Sonic Adventure 1-2, Garou Mark Of The Wolves, Street Fighter Alpha 1-3, REZ, Ikaurga, Soul Calibur, Powerstone 1-2 and many many more.

Kami3768d ago

Why comments like yours getting posted?

joemomma3768d ago

To make you miserable....

Anyways that particular console failed almost as badly as 3do did. Therefore its a console that is not good.

Kami3768d ago

lol. anyways, it was not as bad as the gizmondo

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permutated3768d ago

Ikaruga didn't make it?

What is this guy on crack?

Ri0tSquad3768d ago

IMO its not a balanced game.

I love street fighter 3 3rd strike.

explosivetemper3768d ago

Ready 2 Rumble was a great game too...

ReBurn3768d ago

I have 3 copies of that game and all of them freeze on me.

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