Turok Patch Will Remove Controversial Team-Kill Feature

The controversial feature in the upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game Turok that rewards players for killing their teammates will be removed with a patch, says publisher Touchstone.

While Turok will ship with the "Grab Bag" achievement (or accomplishment) intact, the patch will be available online on February 5, the day the game hits store shelves.

The PlayStation 3 patch will also add support for rumble controllers like the upcoming Dual Shock 3 and for 1080i television displays.

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RecSpec3741d ago

"The "Grab Bag" achievement was to reward players for killing "at least 1 creature, 1 enemy, 1 teammate, and yourself" in a single online match of the first-person shooter."

It's only one kill. It would be a different story if it said kill 5 teammates in a row or something but come on. There are plenty of other lame achievements out there (Clothes Horse in Dead Rising and True Identity in Vegas are examples) Why is this one that bad? One team kill is all it's asking for, and if it's THAT hard, just think of it like a home run, kill the other 3, then kill a teammate last.

Hitman_Legend3741d ago

There will probably be jackasses who want to just go kill all their team mates.

Iron Man 23741d ago

It's a good thing that this achievement will be removed,I f*cking hate people who kill their own team mates;)

ben8063741d ago

it needs a patch to support 1080i?

BrianC62343740d ago

And the patch adds rumble support. That's pretty dumb to need a patch by now. The DS3 has been out a while in Japan. All new games should have rumble support from day one. No reason for this garbage. I'm not impressed with what I've been reading about Turok. It will probably be a mediocre game.

eddierivera3741d ago

and so I dont care about the patch, I only use 720p so, but besides that, I shouldnt even worry about it cause I played the demo and was turned off, I'm not getting the game, so yea, no problems here