TSSZ: Six Sonic Adventure 3 Domains Registered By…Someone

TSSZ has learned four top level domains–,,, and–have all been registered on or around April 22nd of this year by an unknown party. Since this story was first published, we have found two more related domain registrations. One,, was spotted by tipster Bruno Guerrero via Twitter. We have also since found

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Abash2339d ago

Same here, Id buy as many versions of Sonic Adventure 3 as they could make. I love the Sonic Adventure series so much, and really miss the days where Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow were playable.

Also to add more fuel to the rumor...

Hunnid-P was claiming to be working on "New Knuckles music for a new Sonic project.". He did Knuckles theme song in Sonic Adventure 2, which adds some more validity to this

zeal0us2339d ago

I hope the game is actually being made(by sega) and is real.