Excessive Video Game Use Can Hinder Childhood Development: Experts

Santy Dahlan is concerned about her 13-year-old son’s interest in playing video games — and its attendant health risks.

“Most of the time he complains that he gets a headache after playing for too long, because it seems to really tire his eyes,” the mother of three told the Jakarta Globe.

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Axonometri2335d ago

That's why so many surgeons and other medical professionals play video games, right? There is an old saying that was very practical in the past... as it will be 50 years from now. Everything in moderation.
If these people think they can stop the convergence of digital medium and our future, they are sadly mistaken. It doesn't matter if it is a video game today or a virtual vacation 50 years from now. These things are here and they are not going away because a few are scared of what it might do to someone.

joab7772335d ago

I agree. Everything in access can have negative effects. That's why young children have parents. U shouldn't be letting him play all the time. I play alot according to everyone around me but I am also an adult and know the risks. I also work 50 hours a week, all on my feet while moving around, and have a household to take care of. I do not have children, but if I did, I wouldn't allow them to play video games everyday, all day. If he is getting headaches or not getting exercise or sunlight, or eating right etc., he would not be playing at all until things are in order. It is hobby, a luxury, a leisure activity that is earned as a reward. Yes, I want my children to enjoy video games, but it will be my rules until they are adults.

But, I dislike the emphasis on video games as everything in excess is bad, as was mentioned. Vacationing 365 days a year would be bad and have consequences, even if u were rich. Life is meant to have moderate highs and lows with spikes here and there. It is unhealthy to obsess over something that gives u pleasure.

DeadlyFire2335d ago

hmm......I played 6-12 hours a day since I was 5 up until 20 pretty much. Not a single bad effect on me that I have noticed. I did gain some weight, but I did what anyone should do. Use willpower to lose it in less than 3 months.

Yeah there were a few times I had headaches or didn't sleep much because I stayed up a bit. Headaches come solely from not eating a full meal. Eyes will look tired if you don't get a full night of sleep. Which I rarely did. Did you know they have made a pair of glasses to protect eyes from the tiring effect of monitors now.

TekoIie2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I don't think there's many surgeons who are 13 and excessively playing video games -_-

jc485732335d ago

I always felt kids were too young for games. I didn't really started gaming seriously until I hit puberty really.

MiamiACR212335d ago

So you've only been gaming seriously for a couple of weeks?

jc485732335d ago

nah, I'm pretty old. Hate being old.

ninjahunter2335d ago

Eh, makes sense, dont spend a lot of time with people you probably will have bad people skills, so on so forth, I would say that its not that video games are bad for you but rather what they keep you for doing.

and anyone that says a complete life style of eat, sleep, and game is completely healthy with no drawback is clearly defensive and delusional.

one2thr2335d ago

Why is it that every "Expert" can find all the bad things, but barely find any solutions to most wrong or threatening things?...

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