Is Gravity Rush's Kat in PlayStation All-Stars?

Is Gravity Rush's Kat in PlayStation All-Stars? View the video at IGN.

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jujubee882310d ago

Har har har! /pun

Oh and one last thought:

If Kat turns out to be in this game but turns out to be DLC, than people WILL be pissed.

Not to say people would be right to be pissed (as it could have been a pre-alpha model which might not have made it in any way, would be need to be post launch for balancing issues, etc) but, the association Capcom brought on with its DLC related things will just ignite that certain crowd of people online who call themselves "gamers".

If that plays out (as I described) a small group of people online (that call themselves gamers who like evangelize concepts of pro-consumerism in the gaming industry) will no doubt be red-eyed and enraged by it. Especially considering this is (when you get down to it) a fighting game.

Of course, some other people will be more logical. And, I have know for a fact that SuperBot (the name of the dev team making PASBR) will do their best to push all the content they can onto the playable product without forcing anyone to pay after the fact if they do not want to. Sure, more characters are confirmed to come as DLC, but the meat of the characters and other stuff will be free and that is what they want and aim for to get this franchise off on the right foot.

-Alpha2310d ago

Dont think they'll have on-disc DLC. If anything, she will be VITA exclusive, though I hope they just make her part of the normal roster

smashcrashbash2310d ago

Some people are such pretentious A-holes. How are the spots wasted? Just because you don't like all of the characters that means the ones they have chosen are wasted? How many slots did Nintendo waste digging up characters that many people don't even remember or with Toon Link, Young Link and Link? Who really wanted Mr Game and Watch? But people just won't get off their backs about Big Daddy and Toro Inoue.They said themselves that they are trying their hardest to get the characters we want but we have to accept that we won't always get every character we want. Get off their backs.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Well she's not really known Playstation character yet and they still haven't announced Ratchet :(

Though i really don't mind, just announce Ratchet :/

sikbeta2310d ago

Gotta Believe... ehmm... gotta start somewhere, right? PS Brawler should be the best way to make her and the game more recognizable... says the guy who main Captain Falcon without even knowing from what game he came from :P

Whitefeather2310d ago

Ratchet is a shoe in. I just hope Snake really is in.

WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

Not sure if Snake will be in it cause wasnt snake in SSB? It would be awkward if he was in All Stars and the upcoming Smash Bros but i still wouldn't care. Snake is awesome!

Whitefeather2310d ago

Nothing to do with SSB. I'm just worried that Konami might have been one of the publishers to say no. Snake belongs in PSABR more than in SSB. I'm not sure he'll be coming back to the next SSB anyway.

LiquifiedArt2310d ago

I really want Kat in the game. She is a very awesome character. I'd like to see more of her in her own games. I want to see her evolve as a character.

chrispen92310d ago

Kat should be in this game. Gravity Rush is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.