EA Losing NCAA Exclusive Rights Presents a Positive Opportunity

1up - If it does happen, it doesn't guarantee quality competition will arise, though.

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NYC_Gamer1968d ago

No publisher should be allowed to have exclusive rights to any sports brand

rdgneoz31968d ago

Yep. Competition leads to better products. Not the same rehashes every year with a minor "upgrade" or 2.

shammgod1968d ago

Amen to both of these comments. Let's hope it happens!

adorie1968d ago

Just grant licenses to everyone who wants one and may the better game...sell? lol

donscrillinger1968d ago

now come on 2k we need a football game from u

NoobJobz1968d ago

Ok so we have NCAA back. Now when do we get NFL back? It seems like it keeps getting pushed back further and further. It seems to me like at one point there should have either been a 2k9 or 2k10. I can't remember which it was but I have no idea when the license ends now. Any hope for a 2k15?

dcbronco1968d ago

A complete waste of peoples time and money. If they don't stop the NFL exclusivity deal, you ignore the whole point of the suit in the first place. Any judge that approves this deal should be removed from the bench. If they approve it and don't end exclusivity for the NFL license they are saying that EA didn't do anything wrong but we'll let them pay millions anyway. It's either kill the contract or let it stand.

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