ITunes Movie rentals difficult to navigate, slow to download

Samantha Clark of Video Business writes, DVD retailers have nothing to fear from iTunes offering movie rentals just yet.

Although iTunes is a monster in download sales, it doesn't yet offer the kind of usability you can get from more seasoned online rental companies, such as CinemaNow and Movielink. And at six hours to download a movie with a decent Internet connection, it's not that much more convenient than running to your local video store or kiosk.

The main problem iTunes faces right now is that it's not easy for users to browse the offerings.

Like other services, you can start watching the movie soon after you have begun the download. But with the download taking six hours, our movie stopped at the eight-minute mark when we played it some 15 minutes after download began.

The sound quality is good, but video isn't as good as DVD. CinemaNow, Movielink and Netflix's Instant Watch service are better services as of now, even if they are less traveled.

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whoelse3681d ago

You see, it will be a long time before VOD is the true alternative to DVD or Blu-ray!

Cyrus3653681d ago

6 hours to download, that's crazy... And it got stuck 8 mins in? lol where they on dial up connection? ;)

xplosneer3681d ago

and these aren't HD for the most part so I have no trouble downloading, but there's no specific rental section, it's just a "movie" section with a lot being rentals.