Halo 4 Rated M (Mature) - Blood and Violence

Halo 4's official Facebook page reveals the game's ESRB content rating: M (mature).

As if you didn't already know, the fist installment of The Reclaimer Trilogy will contain 'depictions of blood' and 'scenes involving aggressive conflict'.

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Dan502132d ago

Should be T OR at LEAST if the ESRB EVER MAKES IT A 15 RATING!

MoreConsole2132d ago

Personally, I'm glad Halo 4 has been rated Mature. I don't want to play squealing kids online.

matt19912132d ago

ratings don't really matter. kids will still play rated M games.

NoFanboyRequired2132d ago

Bad parents buy their kids rated m games all the time. They'll be on every game.

Red952132d ago

And why is this news? Halo has always been M, and will never change.

OrKuun2132d ago

Just "blood and violence"? Huh, wonder if that means swearing's been toned down.

Not that I had a problem with it before, but I hate when games are pumped with it just to seem serious. It makes it look desperate to me. Good to see 343 isn't gonna do that just to make it seem more adult.

MoreConsole2131d ago

There has never been swearing in a Halo game.

OrKuun2131d ago

Halo: CE, H2, H3, and Reach all had language in their rating. It was never nearly as frequent as other M titles, but it was there.