PSU: Devil May Cry 4 demo impressions

PSU writes:

There aren't too many titles that combine lightning fast sword combat with shoot 'em up style gunplay in the way that Devil May Cry does. The series, renowned for it's over the top action, will be hitting the current generation with Devil May Cry 4, which will be available on February 5. Capcom was kind enough to release a demo with a section cut straight out of the gold version of the game. We've played it, analyzed it, and have our impressions for you right here.

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Genuine3802d ago

I didn't even bother reading it when I saw who the contributer, and what site it was linked to.


NoUseMerc3802d ago

So what if I made an account at SPG a long ass time ago? I knew a guy from there thats the only reason. And whats wrong with my N4g bio?

persiandude3802d ago

The site is fine and a good article

kalistyles3802d ago

was great. Pure Devil May Cry in next gen. Its weirdly similar gameplay is close to NG Sigma. But I love it. I've been a huge DMC fan since the first one and can't wait for this one's release.

Kaneda3802d ago

I thought it was kind of boring. I like Heavenly Sword better.

skynidas3802d ago

The demo was great i really liked it the graphics were very impressive and is good that both versions of the game are the same

THE TERMINATOR3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Ah yes motion blur, something lacking from the 360 version.

I dont buy multi-platform games, I like games that utilise the power of my system like Uncharted. I think I will pass on this.

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The story is too old to be commented.