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"I’ve been sucked into a world that makes me feel terror, anxiety, a sense of self-preservation, and a need for survival. No game has made me feel like this. Not like this." Ron Hoffecker of may hate ArmA but DayZ has made him forget that in favor of this unforgettable experience.

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Snookies122309d ago

Being a new player, DayZ is pretty awesome from what I can tell... While I have a lot of issues with it, there are just as many merits. Though as of my last attempt at survival, I ran across a player who was convinced I had been attacking him and beat me to death with what I believe was a crowbar... Zombies are one thing, crazed people however are quite another lol.

AztecFalcon2309d ago

I saw one exchange with a guy scavenging and another yelling at him in side chat saying this was his place. They killed each other. It was nuts.

I took everything I could. >:)

MiamiACR212309d ago

You killed them didn't you... DIDN'T YOU!

rufusman912309d ago

It can be fun, but only with friends. I think playing it alone sucks.

AztecFalcon2309d ago

I play mostly alone, even if friends are on the server. We are in different places due to the random spawns and I felt like it would take away from it if I just spawned and went to the tents and picked up a weapon and clips.

If I run into my friends eventually, that will be fun. I just like letting it run naturally.

WeskerChildReborned2309d ago

When i get a gaming PC, i'm gonna be buying Arma just for DayZ but i'll also just play regular Arma 2 as well.