Buy A PS3 Now, Or Wait For Cheaper, Slimmer PS3?

GR: If recent photos of a newly redesigned PS3 are indeed real as speculation and evidence suggests, it could be accompanied by a price drop. And while saving a few bucks (see: at least $50) may sound like something that's worth waiting for, something tells me that buying a PS3 now may be a better decision.

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alexcosborn1735d ago

Get one now! There are way too many great gaming experiences available right now. It's not worth the wait

WeskerChildReborned1735d ago

Yea unless the next PS3 is coming soon.

gaffyh1735d ago

Or, third option, wait until the new Slim is announced, and buy a current PS3 slim in the inevitable fire sale.

WeskerChildReborned1735d ago

I already have a slim but if it breaks down, i'll check out the new version.

fei-hung1735d ago

Having seen the pics, I rather pay a little extra and buy a current ps3. I dont like the fliplid disc loading thing, i prefer the auto loader tray.

However, for 1st time buyers as tgey couldnt afford it, this is a sweet offer that is hard to refuse!

Sev1735d ago

That new PS3 model is so ugly. Looks like the floormats in my car.

dbjj120881735d ago

BUY IT NOW. What's wrong with you!! This is N4G, if you don't have a PS3 you're dead to us!

GrandTheftZamboni1735d ago

Yes, because it makes sense to visit PS3 section without having one.

NastyLeftHook01735d ago

buy both

the 160 gb for you

and the cheaper one for a friends b-day (if he does not already have one)

Icy-Zone1735d ago

Get a PS3 ASAP! Whether it be now or later. You'll be doing yourself a HUGE favor.

dirthurts1735d ago

Or you could wait and save some a rational person.
The games will still be there a year from now. There really is no rush.
If they don't own one by now, they're obviously not in any hurry to get one.

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The story is too old to be commented.