Summer of Arcade starts strong, Tony Hawk passes 100k players in six days

XBLAFANS writes: Summer of Arcade looks to start off with a bang. As of noon (Robomodo time) today the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD leaderboards broke 100k players.

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green2306d ago

Did not buy the game but a few of my friends on xbl are enjoying the game. I am waiting for Deadlight and Dust: An ELysian Tale.

Ben_Grimm2306d ago

Yes those other three look way better than Tony Hawk. Especially Deadlight.

EVILDEAD3602306d ago

Bought Tony and Trials this weekend and had a blast. Broght back some great memories..

I've been a huge Dead Light advocate since I first saw it.

Buying wreck this weekend as well.


Patriots_Pride2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

OMG Deadlight looks insane.

Never heard of Dust..will youtube it now.

Edit: This game looks sick! Why have'nt I heard of this or why did'nt MS show it off at E3....The music reminds me of those old Capcom games and the art sytle remind me of CastleVania.

Day 1!!!

YodaCracker2306d ago

It's got a special place in the Summer of Arcade lineup, so Microsoft is giving it the attention it deserves.

green2306d ago

Dust an Elysian Tale was actually at E3 and was playable. They just did not cover it in their press conference.

Gamespot did a very long video interview on it. Dust was the winner of Microsoft Dream build play competition in 2009. It has takin this long to see production because the game is hand painted.

Looks awesome.

WeskerChildReborned2306d ago

I'm waiting for Tony Hawk to come to PS3.