PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 to Be Blessed with Mods

"PC gaming has two distinctive advantages over current generation video game consoles: hardware upgrades and mods. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 anticipated to release within the next couple years, one, if not both, of these factors will no longer be exclusive to the PC, enriching the overall gameplay experience for console gamers."

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Venomousfatman2307d ago

Still too early to tell with the new systems. Should be exciting when we get our hands on the next gen.

justpassinggas2307d ago

It's actually impossible for mods to work on consoles if we're talking about mods that improve graphics or anything else that may cause a performance hit. Why? Because the system requirements on PC have to be upped when installing demanding mods. For example, when Morrowind came out, it was able to run on a pretty average PC. With the graphics update mods (lighting, etc.), the character model mods, the texture mods, etc. the requirements have gone much higher and so a PC that was able to run vanilla Morrowind easily would not be able to run Morrowind with any graphics altering mods.

Some mods also add more items or characters in an area. For example, in Skyrim, there is a mod that adds a lot of NPCs and make cities actually look populated. This can easily have a performance hit and on PCs, if you have a decent rig, you won't notice it, but on consoles, if the games are built-up on the basis of the console's hardware, they are probably built to get the optimal level of performance so any real addition or improvement without overhauling the engine would result in slowdowns, lags, and crashes.

The only "mods" I can see are custom maps or custom items or retextures that don't improve the resolution but simply offer a palette swap.

ginsunuva2307d ago

I think they mean ugc, not true mods. Unreal Tournament 3 had mod support on ps3, but that's actually ugc in the form of maps and stuff.

MaxXAttaxX2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

But maybe even better!
That's definitely a possibility if developers open it up like that.

snipes1012307d ago


lets just wait and see if 1) this is even true and 2) how it turns out...huh?

Christopher2307d ago

Honestly, absolutely nothing here to confirm this sort of story. This is just one guy going "Hey, mods coming to PC because super secret people told me!"

Stop it with these annoying rumor mill crap articles that show absolutely no evidence other than some source you can't reveal. We already have to wait at least a year till the next gen, we don't need people hyping it up all the wrong ways and getting disappointed when it comes around being a lot less than what people said it would be.

justpassinggas2307d ago

Lol, might want to copy+paste this post into every other "story" about FFvsXIII getting cancelled since Kotaku pulled a rumour out of its ass only to have it being shat back at Kotaku's face by Wada. :P

Psycho_PS3Truthh2307d ago

I do not know if mods will be allowed but regardless of modding or no modding, the PS4 will still deliver enough games to keep us entertain.

Ben_Grimm2307d ago

Yes! The ps4 will be a beast.

Jazz41082306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

If the ps4 is a beast then its the unloved son of the beast which will be the 720. If anyone that lives in the midwest and gets this comment to something popular please respond as I would love to hear from you. On topic: what are they going todo ...sell dev units at game stop lol

NastyLeftHook02307d ago

i hope mods do come our way.

TekoIie2306d ago

PC players who also game on consoles or maybe want to make a mod for console players... I know hard to think such a thing exists right!/s

MaxXAttaxX2306d ago

Unreal Tournament III on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.