Sony Denies Multiple PS3 Rumors

Chris Naughton from PS3news writes:

"There are various rumors popping up about various forms and prices for PS3, and Sony is swiftly going about the business of denying them."

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hotshot1273830d ago

we've all learned this and to me, this is no diffferent.

so expect a 299.99 ps3 soon.

blacsheep3830d ago

sony really aint playing for 2008 they want to demolish all competition, a 299 ps3 will most certainly do that especially now people are looking for blu ray players after the demise of hd-dvd

Milkman5413830d ago

Welcome to $299.99 at the end of the month!

EZCheez3830d ago

If it does, it will be a lot easier to talk family into buying one. I might just buy one for some of my family since it's tax return time.

vloeistof3830d ago

so there in denial. then its true wonder when it will hapen

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The story is too old to be commented.