Smaller Blu-ray laser could reduce PS3 production costs

Griffin McElroy from Joystiq writes:

"It really does seem like we can't throw a stick without hitting a new PS3 SKU or news of a price drop -- a recent advancement in Blu-ray technology could signal the creation of yet another PS3 model or lowered price for the system some time in the near future, should Sony decide to incorporate it into their home console."

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3855d ago
INehalemEXI3855d ago

This type of stuff could lead to a ps3 slim,though it would not get slim anytime soon I would'nt think.

Hopefully they do cut the price and bring an sku to the US that comes with a Dualshock 3 and a headset. Already got 1 but that would be nice for those who still gotta pick one up.

Yi-Long3855d ago

I'll be picking up a PS3 if and when it goes under a 300 euro.
Same thing for the Xbox Elite btw.

Anyway, it's good to hear SOny might be able to cut costs and thus maybe produce a cheaper PS3, but we'll have to wait to see if this cheaper Blu-Ray laser will be of equal quality as the current one they use.
If this new laser is poor and faulty and your movies look less good etc, than ofcourse this isnt good news.

Ri0tSquad3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

When PS3 drops the price, they'll drop the 360s price.

I doubt the new lasers will be "poor and faulty" because Sony is a hardware company, there known for reliable & well-built products.

zambrota3855d ago

dont buy x360. It is finished. as an european you should look at other fello members who traded in their x360 for ps3.
just to let you know
mgs4,f13,kz2 and resisatance 2 are all ps3 exclusive

ps3 is wayy more powerful than x360 (uncharted gives you some glimpse of the power)

elite has no HDMI 1.3 support

elite has no wifi.

elite forces you to pay 80 euro for useless LIVE when PSN is free

x360 has o next gen DVD drive . ps3 has built in Blu Ray drive

x360s are 30% defective and is a low powered console without any game.

all major games this era are on the other hand Ps3 exclusive.

over 2m x360s have been traded in for ps3 in europe.

games like nfs,fifa,pes etc all sold more on ps3 last year.

x360 will completely disappear from eu this year

Yi-Long3855d ago

Thanks man, but I do know the differences between the 2 ;)

I will most likely end up with both consoles, but at the moment the 360 isnt worth the money they're asking, and I am still especially worried about the worthless hardware. I dont want to spend hundreds ona console that probably breaks down within a few years, and most likely wont last more than 5...

But there are also lots of good things about the 360, like certain games are better on the 360 than they are on the PS3, like Orange Box and Skate and a bunch of others, and I do wanna play those games, along with the 360 exclusives...


Hatchetforce3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Well I see joysliq, I mean Microstiq is still making their same snyde comments. I love this:

"It really does seem like we can't throw a stick without hitting a new PS3 SKU..."

The PS3 has had 4 SKUs to date: 60GB, 20GB, 80GB, 40GB

The 350 has had 5 SKUs to date: Premium, Core, HALO, Elite, and Arcade.

Do you think these clowns mentioned this when rumors of the new 360 SKU surfaced before CES? No. This is standard practice for Joystiq. They constantly slam Sony. I encourage everyone to take the time to send one email to Sony asking that Joystiq be blacklisted for their slanted practices.

This is small compared to some of the mountains of BS they have shoveled in the past but there is no time like the present to have these dirtbags cut down to size.

Salvadore3855d ago

If Sony are able to achieve this in less than a year, I bet we might see more innovation in terms of hardware from them.

INehalemEXI3855d ago

They never fail to impress me.

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