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Submitted by LaurenKB123 1224d ago | opinion piece

Top 10 Greatest Star Wars Video Games of All-Time

From the feature top 10 list:

"The Star Wars movies have become a timeless masterpiece in the Western civilization; spawning everything from toys to clothing to books and comics. But one branch of entertainment has sparked especially high interest in the Star Wars genre: video games. Ever since the very first consoles were released, Star Wars video games have been marketed and sold, dominating the marketplace in popularity and sales." (GameCube, Lego Star Wars, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Retro, Star Wars Battlefont II, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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LaurenKB123  +   1224d ago
Near perfect list...
ScubbaSteve  +   1224d ago
Forgetting the X-wing and Tie Fighter games is like forgetting the original Mario in a list of best Mario games. Those were some of the best games you could get at the time and that's not even limiting yourself to Star Wars games.
darthv72  +   1224d ago
xwing vs tie fighter...
the super star wars games on snes, the original vector graphics star wars arcade game and the more recent star wars arcade from sega are some of my favorite ones.

First time seeing the battle over the death star in rogue leader was what convinced me to get the gamecube.

Other honorable mentions: starfighter and jedi starfighter. Shadows of the empire was pretty good spin off. short but still pretty good.
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Wenis  +   1224d ago
Weird why isn't SWBF3 on that list

oh wait..
antz1104  +   1224d ago
The # 1 and 2 spots were well deserved but I think Rogue Squardon and Bounty Hunter should have been in there somewhere.
MagicAccent  +   1224d ago
TIE Fighter is better than all those games combined.

(except maybe Kotor)
TheLeapist  +   1224d ago
Galaxies sucked monkey balls and force unleashed was over-hyped and meh. The fact that they're on the list at all and more importantly in front of Republic Commando is insulting.
morganfell  +   1224d ago
Near perfect? Nothing personal but I have to disagree. The Force Unleashed (*cough*) and Jedi Academy are on that list when the game allows the player to experience the journey of a jedi like no other title is completely absent.

Dark Forces II Jedi Knight.
Human Analog  +   1224d ago
#1 should have been Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It had everything. Blasters, Lightsabers, Jedi training, official soundtrack. I would LOVE a remake.
Perjoss  +   1224d ago
Outcast also had some interesting and really fun multiplayer.

I still remember almost everyone used to look at the floor after the count down for the start of a duel ended, this made you look like you were bowing to your opponent. It was totally optional but people used to have this courtesy thing going on and it was very cool indeed.
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Blastoise  +   1224d ago
Knights of the old republic for the win. Pretty much a masterpiece of a game. Well deserved top spot.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1224d ago
KOTOR is probably my favorite RPG of all time... played it 27 times

I wish Bioware made a real sequel.. rather than The old republic
Legion  +   1224d ago
I think KOTOR is one of the few games that could have a next generation remake and do it using the Mass Effect Engine and people will run to it.

Best STAR WARS game ever. People that don't agree are likely those that haven't even played the game for the most part.
Gamer1982  +   1224d ago
without KOTOR there would be no mass effect . Now its time to return the favour.
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CryWolf  +   1224d ago
Wait a Minute!!
The list forgot about Star Wars Rogue Squadron for N64 and Star Wars Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy for PC/Xbox these games are the best games before Kotor was release for PC/Xbox, this list is incomplete cause the Force Unleash shouldn't have been on this list because it suck as a button masher what was the point putting that game on this list for.
Dannycr  +   1224d ago
Because Rogue Squadron 2 was BILLIONS of times better than RS1.

No SW flying game is better than RS2, as simple as that.
r1sh12  +   1224d ago
Yea, near perfect.
Galaxies should be removed and tie fighter should be somewhere in the top 3.
Galaxies IMO should not be on that list, at first it was almost impossible to level a character up to max, they fixed that and made it too easy. I tried the game for a couple of weeks and got bored.
KOTOR kept me glued to my computer screen, as did the jedi knight series. Multiplayer of the Jedi outcast was amazing too, Its such a shame they dont/havent followed up Kotor and the jedi knight series. (TOR - does not count, as I want to continue the story of KOTOR)
They are really great games, I just want a great story based game like KOTOR, and the jedi knight series..Surely Lucasarts see the demand, I just dont understand why they wont make them.
Anyone know?
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SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1223d ago
nice to see the old republic in there even though it gets slated a lot.

also where is shadow of the empire on N64.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1224d ago
I've only enjoyed one SW game and here it is......

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
UltimaEnder  +   1224d ago
Lol, read the list!
Panthers  +   1224d ago
Its the only game I am really playing right now. Although i have enjoyed a lot of Star Wars games over the years, I think this one will continue to become on of the best games. I am excited to see what they do with space combat.

UltimaEnder  +   1224d ago
KotOR great choice, tough list to make!
NukaCola  +   1224d ago
I thought the original Xbox title Obi Wan was pretty good. Much better than Unleashed.

Also Jedi Alliance on PS One was great..

Lastly, Jedi Knight II: Outcast is the best of the series, Academy can't compare.
LaurenKB123  +   1224d ago
Unleashed was the first next-gen SW title that really made you feel "powerful" - had to be included, but I enjoyed Obi Wan as well....

My favorite is still SW Dark Forces for the PC - as it was one of the first video games I really really enjoyed...
r1sh12  +   1224d ago
academy was a little lack luster after jedi outcast. but its good the story sort of continued, I have been waiting for a sequel for years. I really dont understand why they cancelled so many projects.
Draperc  +   1224d ago
Pity none of the Super Star Wars games for the SNES made the list. Sure, they were pretty hard and the boss battles sometimes took forever, but they were still great.
CollectivePitch  +   1223d ago
I agree. The Super Star Wars games are great.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1224d ago
star wars on the n64
jrbeerman11  +   1224d ago
Ya how was shadows of the empire left off the list!?
Dash Rendar man!!
DrRichtofen  +   1224d ago
No Star Wars Kinect? WTF! /s
NastyLeftHook0  +   1224d ago
that game was the worst star wars game ever made.
ScubbaSteve  +   1224d ago
I hope it will forever be the best star wars dance game tho, by which I mean the only one.
StrongMan  +   1224d ago
Agreed. 55 Metascore and only 700k sales with the Star Wars name attached don't lie.
mrdeli  +   1224d ago
Any list that includes Episode One : Racer and omits TIE Fighter and Dark Forces 2 is laughable.
harrisonxxi  +   1224d ago
Any best of sw games that doesnt include tie fighter in the top 3 is automatically bogus.

Double bogus for not even having it on the list.
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Zha1tan  +   1224d ago
No Bounty Hunter

No tie fighter/X wing

seen on there Force Unleashed, Old republic and episode 1 racer and Lego star wars....

I think the writer needs to go and play all the star wars games before making a list "top 10 greatest star wars video games of all time"

More like the top star wars games hes played.
Pintheshadows  +   1224d ago
My thoughts exactly, but i'm getting the impression he maybe isn't old enough to remember the X-wing games and Dark Forces.
SJPFTW  +   1224d ago
more like the only 10 star wars games he has played lol.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1224d ago
We need a Battlefront collection.
XXXL  +   1224d ago
Man that would be awesome
jackwei22  +   1224d ago
I agree with the comment for Super Star Wars Game SNES is awesome i remember the Cantina Fight on Jedi difficulty is impossible as that boss kept rushing you, because you only have chance to beat him with a plasma rifle as if you don't take it then die you will never beat him!! That game was excellent at the time with amazing sound effects and graphics even though it is was very hard on Jedi mode big time.

Super Return of the Jedi on the SNES too the rancor pit boss is extremely hard on brave and i don't know anyone who has beat him with Luke on Jedi impossible.

Still have my SNES those were some of the best star wars games based on the original trilogy.
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thezeldadoth  +   1224d ago
its a shame all the focus that is on the clone wars right now. It walks all over established (and better) lore. So many amazing time periods like new jedi order and legacy that games could draw from, even tv shows could draw from.
Pintheshadows  +   1224d ago
Dark Forces (back when Raven were excellent) is my personal favourite along with KOTOR, Galactic Battlegrounds and Battlefront.

I'm not how the Force Unleashed made this list.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1224d ago
Republic Commando for the xbox, why xbox??
Gamer1982  +   1224d ago
list is very slanted toward xbox they try not to list alternate consoles if they can. Also list Xbox games higher than others to try prove something. Half them games available on other consoles but only listed as Xbox only on that site.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1223d ago
Well I mean the pc version is the best version. In fact I doubt most people know it was on Xbox.
bradleejones  +   1224d ago
Sw for 32x was pretty damned cool back in the 90s....
XXXL  +   1224d ago
Outside of the battlefront games I'd say my favorites were the snes games. Empire was tough as hell but awesome.
bubs78  +   1224d ago
Star Wars on the NES was insanely good and difficult.
MrChow666  +   1224d ago
no super star wars???
shadows of the empire was cool back then
SlapHappyJesus  +   1224d ago
They really should have replaced The Force Unleashed with Kotor 2.

Bugg, yes. But that game had a much better story than the original. Outside of the bugs and a somewhat lengthy tutorial, that game was still just more Kotor goodness. Again, even better in some places.
taquito  +   1224d ago
Star wars Galactic Battlegrounds

Star Wars Empire at war

Star Wars KotOR

Star Wars KotOR 2

Star Wars The Old Rebublic

Star Wars Force Unleashed

Star WArs modern warfare 1 mod
cozeh  +   1224d ago
No SW: Shadows of the Empire OR Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast makes this list average as shit.
jrbeerman11  +   1224d ago
My number 1 is shadows of the empire n64. Such good memories...
Xenomorph  +   1224d ago
Sadly took an editors note to include Star Wars: Dark Forces II. Personally I consider that the king of star wars games because it holds so dear to my heart. Old multiplayer on the MS GAMING ZONE.

With user made COGS, MODS, and map levels it was a precursor to map editing and user based interaction. Old school fighting with the original awesome lightsaber or if you modded and used Saber Battle X it was all awesome.

+1 if you remember this old school gaming legend!
Xenomorph  +   1224d ago
Also to note on what others mentioned: Shadows Of The Empire NEEDS to make this list. It was so mega huge for a starwars title and even as a third person shooter.
aliengmr  +   1224d ago
Sorry You can't make a 10 best list of Star Wars games that:

1. Doesn't include TIE Fighter or X Wing.

2. Includes Lego Star Wars, The Force Unleashed, Podracer, and SWG(JTL was great so maybe it gets an honorable mention). These are okay games, but FAR from the best.
glennco  +   1224d ago
saved me typing the same, cheers
Kos-Mos  +   1224d ago
This list again?
ToonarmY  +   1224d ago
That list was terrible

The Jedi Knight series alone are better than most of that junk and xwing
iceman2885  +   1224d ago
Any SW games list that doesn't include Tie Fighter AND/OR X-Wing (more partial to Tie Fighter...because hell, Darth Vader was my wingman) is a complete and utter joke.

Either the writer is a kid or he has zero credibility...either way, not good enough.
CYBERHATER  +   1224d ago
Someone please tell me that Jedi Knight Academy is on the list.
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