How Certification Requirements Are Holding Back Console Gaming

Arstechnica- Independent game developers face a lot of obstacles, from limited funding and AAA competition to marketing challenges and getting attention from an easily distracted press. But those hurdles can multiply when an indie developer decides to release a game on a console. Fez developer Phil Fish highlighted this fact last week, with a highly publicized complaint about being asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars in recertification fees to Microsoft in order to patch a known issue with the game.

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Godmars2902335d ago

And yet it hasn't stopped buggy titles from being released.

Emilio_Estevez2335d ago

True, games are buggier than ever

Felinox2335d ago

I agree, but games are also becoming extremely complex themselves. Which makes playtesting more costly. Skyrim for example had tons of bugs but i can only ponder the amount of inhouse playtesting Bethesda would have to invest to work out these bugs. Compared to a side scroller of yesteryear...

Baka-akaB2335d ago

You'd think they would be more motivated to release less bugs , and yet ...