Assassin’s Creed’s New Black Heroine Represents a New Kind of Liberation

Kotaku: Aveline—heroine of Assassin's Creed Liberation for the PlayStation Vita—isn't that different from the other characters of Ubisoft's historical action series . Like Altair and Ezio, she's an Assassin, a near-mystical stealth warrior with abilities that let her be unseen whenever she wants. But one thing about her stands out compared to those two.

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NukaCola2333d ago

I dont like this article very much. I dont get the need to brew up nonsense about race because she's African American. Video games are full of all kinds of races,, genders and so forth. This isn't some crazy revolution. She's a badass assassin and it freaking AC on Vita. I mean come on Kotaku. This article isn't needed.

Christopher2333d ago

I get your point, but there is some context as to the believability of such a character considering the setting of the game.

If she was set in any of the other times, it would be a bit more believable. But during a period when slavery was the norm in the Colonies (even the "Fathers" of our country had slaves)?

I think she would have worked much better for a 100 years later spin-off of sorts rather than the 1776-1800 period of time (or thereabouts). If I ever play the game, I would question her ability to 'blend in' with the crowds if that is an option or expect her to be played in a manner of someone who lives two strikingly different lives in order to remain close to people whom she may assassinate and adventuring after those who are normally out of her reach without being seen.

So, yes, totally awesome to be getting some more strong, female leads in this day and age of gaming. Especially those who don't need to look a certain way. But, unless you throw your brain out all together, there's obviously going to be some question as to the how and why of Aveline.

chaos_mechanica2333d ago

As far "blending in" I assume that--if they really play up this period of time--she'd be unnoticed in some areas because slaves were looked down upon as inferior. To some she's just a negro girl on an errand. In some other places, I assume she'll have trouble if seen, although AC has this in the game design when assassins are caught trespassing.

Also, I agree to your point, and NukaCola, you may not look at race as major, but it's not very often you see a black female character in a leading role, on TV, in movies, or Video games. What do we have nowadays? Madea? Please...

In videogames, have we ever had a black female main character? Hell, we barely have black male characters. We have Emmett Graves and the dude from Prototype 2 (I think), whose stories were fairly one note. Beyond that we have loud, obnoxious, or comic relief characters like Cole from Gears and Barret from FF7. Sazh in FF13 starts off comical and then turned into a real fleshed out character, but again, he wasn't the main character.

They don't have to be heavy-handed with this race stuff, but I like that the videogame world is taking a step towards more diversity, especially in important roles like the game's protagonist.

rpd1232333d ago

Yeah one of the things that I've noticed is that Aveline does't have massive breasts and a huge ass, and she hasn't worn anything revealing from what I've seen. That's really uncommon in video games and I think it's pretty cool that they're sticking with accuracy rather than trying to make her appeal to the masses cuz she has big boobs.

As for her not blending in. A good chunk of the population of New Orleans were "free people of color". They were mostly mixed races like Aveline. Technically she is a mulatto though, because she has European and African ancestry. Anyways, they were not uncommon at all in the French part of New Orleans, and they were a completely different class than enslaved African Americans.

I also think the fact that her father might have owned her mother is good for the authenticity. They really aren't holding back, because I could see that being controversial, though I'm alright with it.

NYC_Gamer2333d ago

I don't like how the article puts focus on the characters skin color....Why does it even matter?

Christopher2333d ago

Because it mattered during the period of time in which this is set. It mattered a heck of a lot.

And, even then, skin color is a huge issue in today's day and age no matter how you look at it. Heck, just look at Arizona's laws on people who look like illegal immigrants and say it doesn't matter.

So, bringing it up isn't to say that it's a problem that there are black female protagonists, only that there are issues in just throwing one in when it may go against the period in which your story is set.

digitaleraser2333d ago

Other than ACIII: Liberation, how many games can you name released in the last twelve months that have starred a black woman as a *playable* character?

That's why it matters.

chaos_mechanica2333d ago

Hell, how many black characters in general have been main characters in fighting games ever?

BLow2333d ago

True and couldn't agree more. And not just females but males as well. Wait, there was Prototype and now that series is canceled. It would be nice to see more African Americans in games as lead characters. Only time will tell. I guess a few are better than nothing.

morganfell2333d ago

No, Kotaku = CNN. Look at the ratings, the recent debacles and the desperate I'll do anything for a click.

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