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GOTPWNED3823d ago

This is Grand Theft Auto 4
Where drugs are dealed and hoes are hoes
All is done in the virtual space
Clips are emptied into an enemies face
We all should enjoying this game today
But you can thank XBOX 360 for that delay
Excellence is what Rockstar was trying to strive
But thank Microsoft for being stupid for no hard drives

Honeal2g3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

it only makes sense i mean they might as well make sure it works well on 360 since thats goin to be the version that sells the most..dont even try to twist my words cause i am not implying that ps3 wont sell just that 360 will sell more wether that is 1 million more or 10,000 more .... i will only take back that statement if Devil May Cry sells more on ps3 or obviously if i;m wrong.

And when it comes down to it the they really just want to sell as many copies as they can and reel in those Profits... i honeslty feel this will push more sales For ps3 and 360 and sell atleast 10 million before the year is up .

lucas1073823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

just a few days back on here they had an interview with someone from rockstar (dont remember who the lead something) and he said that it was problems with the ps3 for the delay not the 360. 360 has always been ahead in development and the ps3 is just catching up now. thats why gta4 has always been shown on the 360. check stuff out before you sound stupid again.

Ahmadinejad3823d ago

was that pure speculation or u work in the rockstar studios?? 360 delayed it?? haha. just look at the past. again and again these dum...

roadkillers3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

His rap? That was tight son ya'll mean?

Just playing it was kinda lame.

joemomma3823d ago

Dude are you an idiot? That was not a statement from rockstar now please read your sources before you post them.

hades073823d ago

Actually you need a Hard Drive to play this game on the 360. Its the first game coming out where it is required.

InMyOpinion3823d ago

All previews we have seen are of the 360 version. How come?

lucas1073823d ago

"In exclusive chat, Rockstar Games' Jeronimo Barrera says game is about the immigrant experience and PS3 is partly to blame for delay."
seems to say it is

FirstknighT3823d ago

And still developers like Rockstar complain about the problems of the ps3 and sony fanboys choose to ignore and spread lies. Rockstar is not the first to have problems with the ps3.

Stop ignoring the facts!

moparful993823d ago

Hmm its still a surprise to me how anti ps3 loyalists can take things so horribly out of context. Notice the keyword in that statement by one guy(not rockstar as a whole) in which he says the ps3 was PARTLY to blame. This statement lends itself to other problems arising. Which is where the disk space and hard drive problems for the 360 version also contributed. Back in october when the game was supposed to release Game Informer had an article in which they reported that the 360 demo they watched wasnt running well at all(issue 174. pg.26). They cited framerate issues, less then inspiring graphics and just a general lack of polish So you fanbots can shout it to the mountains that the ps3 version caused the delay and speculate that sony is the reason the 360 version didnt launch, but in the end the game just wasnt ready for either console. Now that this game has had alot of time for spit and polish we should all be in for a treat. Both versions will sell alot of copies and considering the ps3 has seen a huge spike in popularity and sales, dont count it out of this fight... Move on fanboys......

k2d3823d ago

For being the first to post an informative reply -
Bubbleshower for yoo^_^

lucas1073823d ago

thats not the only place i have read that the ps3 has always been behind in development for gta4. why is it assumed that if i say anything bad about the ps3 i must be a anti ps3 fanboy. well... i have a ps3 and i enjoy it. im just going by what i read. also sorry but im in the thinking that this site is anti xbox and pro ps3. most of the news is ps3 when i see tones of news xbox but it never gets posted. if anything good is said about 360 its full of comments just as fast as the ones about ps3. notice how you didnt say the first post was a fanboy cause he was pro ps3 and since i said something bad about a ps3 i must be a fanboy. well i own both. and really i play neither. just had a baby and im a stay at home dad and 3 week old boys like to wake up when you pick up your controller. hes perfect so i dont mind. sorry this went astray. just once again. delays for gta4 from what i read most were ps3 related. not to say xbox had nothing to do with it but i do believe it woulda been out atleast weeks earlier for 360 if they didnt have the same release date. and i never said ps3 was the only cause for the delay just to counter what the first guy said who did say xbox was the only cause for the delay i gave him a link to say otherwise. remember anti xbox is ok but anti ps3 isnt here.

SCThor3822d ago

cause LOTS of M$ money is don't bite the hand that feed you, as simply as that.

lucas1073822d ago

i agree ms paid 50 mil for the content you and shouldnt bite that hand but i dont think ms paid them anything to get them to make the game for 360 as well because it just makes sense from a business perspective to make it for 360 as well to more then double your market. i still think it was prolly 60% ps3 40% 360 problems for the delay only way to explain how 360 was always ahead on development. anyone know which was lead platform. ive always read neither were lead.

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OpiZA3823d ago

Damn... that rap was corny.

Alcohog3823d ago

Did you really just call that a rap...?
I'm sorry but if you don't know that song you should just crawl back into the womb you came out of in 1995.

OpiZA3823d ago

Wow. The anger :) Well done, you're hardcore.

Marceles3823d ago

lol @, ive finally found someone thats never seen scarface...pfft, or never listened to flashback fm on GTA3

bluhefner3823d ago

LMAO @ how U guy's failed in being smartass's. If you read Floydsr's comment you'd understand Opiza's not talking about the song in the video.

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TheExecutive3823d ago

looks sweet. Brutal and sweet.

richie007bond3823d ago

The Physics are nice,and am looking forward to this game but saints row physics are just as good...

joemomma3823d ago

No they are not. GTA bends saints row over, rapes it, then demands payment. Thats how much better gta iv is then saints row.

m91058263823d ago

I suggest you watch again, and learn something about game physics before you make yourself look like more of a fool. It's called Endorphin (or Euphoria for consoles). Go to NaturalMotins website. Download the Learning Edition. Play with it. Enjoy it. Understand what put's it head and shoulders above "physics" engine. Euphoria is like giving AI a working nervous system, and completely gets rid of canned animation in physics routines.