Is Sony Dropping PS2 Backward Compatibility?

Matt Peckham writes:

"Long time ago, oh, say a year and a half ago, Sony director Phil Harrison called backward compatibility a 'core value.' Here's what he told GamePro in May 2006."

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Mr_Kuwabara3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I was about to submit this. =/


Anyway it could be a possibility that Sony is dropping the 80gb all together and add the Backwards Compatability to the 40gb version and possibly stay with the same price $399.99 price tag or even reduce the price in the near future.

@TheChosenOne - I would be one of them. =(


MrWonderful3741d ago

i agree with you man but that leaves all the folks that bought the 40gb would be left out. I think they might add it through software emulation

MADGameR3741d ago

A) Fix the compatibility and make it 100% compatible with all PS2 games and demos as well as PS1. or B) Get rid of backwards compatibility so they can get atleast a 5% increase on PS2s sold. If you have $600, it would be wise to by the 40GB PS3 and the slim PS2. You will have perfect compatibility with all 3 leaving your problems, solved!

Baba19063741d ago

that sony would drop the BC was clear from the day they announced the 40gb ps3. they even said it once or twice, and lets be honest most ps2 games are gettin a sequel or a alternativ, so why would anyone want to play ps2 games.

So if there is really no BC on any ps3 in the ear future, but you can still buy a cheap(they are really cheap now) ps2 to play ps2 games.

i have Bc but i havent used it once yet. there is enough nex gen to enjoy. =D

Mr_Kuwabara3741d ago

True but the fact that you can play PS2 games on a PS3 is what drives some costumers on to buying the console. It's just a plus, a plus that you can use it if you want to.

And who knows, the Blu-Ray lasers have reduced in production costs; Sony could add the BC on the 40gb and possibly still gain a little profit all together.

Area_513741d ago

I have yet to use the BC on my 60gb ps3,if i want to play a ps2 game I use my ps2

PirateThom3741d ago

I don't really see where the problems with Backwards compatibility is.

If you have a PS2, you still have the console.
If you didn't have a PS2, you have no library of games to worry about.

Mine has backwards compatibility and I use it for MGS and God of War, but it's not a feature I'd exactly miss.

BloodySinner3741d ago

Unfortunately for you, this is a feature that should be a part of the console since Sony were the ones making a big fit about it in the first place.

Dathcha3741d ago

For me BC actually matters... Yeah I still have the PS2 and could connect it to play the games... But I don't want more and more older consoles under and around my TV...

The TV has a limited amount of connections (Or does someone know of a PS2 HDMI cable, I have some HDMI connections still free :P), but mostly I would like to donate my PS2 to a relative who's new to gaming and give a bunch of my games, but keep my most favourite ones and play those on the PS3... (I'm not parting with my best purchases!!! :P)

So no BC is preventing me from getting a PS3... Price and BC matter a lot to me to consider the purchase... The price is almost sorted now (no way would I manage to fork over the launch-price)... Now for the BC :)

rogimusprime3741d ago

we all know its staying. BC has always been their strength and they won't let XBOX have ANOTHER advantage. They should still be pissed about DMC 4.
I know I would be...

Blakzhuk3741d ago

What do you mean pissed about DMC4? The fact that it's not backward compatible? Blakzhuk doesn't understand what you are saying. Unless of course...are you saying that Sony should be pissed that an IP they don't own went multiplatform so that Capcom could capitalize on the product and make gamers everywhere on both systems happy? They should be pissed about this?!!? YOU would be pissed about this!?!? Why be pissed about making something awesome available to as many gamers as you can?!

Silly fanboys!

Jump In!

Salvadore3741d ago

As the 40gb is selling very well even though it doesnt support BC, I believe Sony might decided to continue PS3's life cycle without BC as 2008 is really looking like a great year both in terms of software and hardware.
Sony has to decide where they stand regarding the BC question because at some point, they will have to choose their stand.

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