Editorial: Polytron needs to fix Fez properly

The indie developer has no business blaming Microsoft for its own patch problems, says Aaron Carlisle.

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NYC_Gamer2274d ago

This bull shit is only hurting customers in the end...MS/Polytron both got paid so they don't give a shit about the problem.

Gridloc2274d ago

I've been saying for a long time that there needs to be a governing body (something like ESRB) to protect the consumer. Nothing worse than buying a new game that doesn't work. Then you wait for a patch to fix the game, that sometimes makes the game even more unplayable. This gen has produced more games that don't work on day 1. If you ship 3 million copies of a game then your servers should have to support 3 million players. No more excuses from developers or publishers on who's fault it is. Fine the company in charge of the certification process, after all they have the final say if the game passes. If it doesn't pass send it back to the developer for the correct fixes. End of story.

da_2pacalypse2274d ago

It shouldn't cost money to put out patches. We pay for our xbox live, M$ makes enough money from that.... There is no need to hurt the indie market.

KMCROC542274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Developer made money also ,but also said that his game was fine & continued to sign the contract knowing the full details of the contract. if anyone is at fault it's Mr.Fish. also just cause a company is making a profit or has great returns does not entitle anyone to think things are going to be free.