Not trying to be Target: Origin vs. Steam

It's the latest and greatest feud in the gaming industry: EA vs. Valve. But which one is Target and which one is Nordstrom?

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NYC_Gamer2249d ago

EA is one of the most jealous/bitter companies in the gaming industry

Isis062249d ago

I don't know anything about that but there is no question witch serves is better.

Kyosuke_Sanada2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

EA already lost, it's surrounded by three letters......

Megaton2249d ago

I like how bloggers are always trying to manufacture some feud between EA and Valve. EA wishes there was an actual feud. They keep taking shots at Valve, and Valve doesn't care. Valve just keeps dominating the market like the bosses they are, unconcerned with peons like Origin.

aliengmr2249d ago

EA is trying to compete with Valve.

Valve is more concerned with what I want as a customer.

Rifkens2248d ago

It all boils down to:

-Range of Content
-Level of Customer Service

Due to experience, EA/Origin score very low on both