Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale is not a rip-off of Smash Bros

BNR: After seeing the game during Sony’s E3 presentation, however, I can honestly say that the game is not a rip-off of Smash Bros.

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Shok2337d ago

Maybe not gameplay-wise, since you're using specials for KO's and not stage flinging, but:

But that doesn't make it a bad thing, I'm actually glad it's taking heavy inspiration from Smash Bros, that means that most likely I will enjoy it when I pick it up.

Abash2337d ago

They could have titled the game "PlayStation Smash Bros.: We're taking their idea" for all I care, the game looks very fun to play and has Kratos, Nathan Drake, Cole, Sly, and a bunch of other awesome characters to play as

I just want MediEvil's Sir Dan in this game so badly

crxss2337d ago

"Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale is not a rip-off of Smash Bros"

uh really....? this author must know nothing about the game. sure it's not a complete rip-off but it is indeed a rip-off. From the character roster idea to the gameplay. that's not to say it's a bad thing though. I love super smash bros. and having played 10+ matches in PSALBR (seriously, change the effing name) already this game is fun but not as good as smash. Also the characters feel too floaty.

jujubee882337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Kinda tells me something about how people will forever not let things go and see the good stuff in this game.

Think about it. When people are sharing images from months ago where a Wii is in a game developers office (SHOCK!) and then they link to a Nintendo fan website because someone from Playstation said something that can be conceived as placing All-Stars in the genre of Smash (SHOCK, AGAIN!).. It seems like someone is kinda slow on the up-take.

All-Stars is about to be launched so, again, these Smash people just need to give it a chance and buy it. It wont hurt. I promise. =D

StraightPath2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Yes it is .

Sony steals ideas fanboys turn away. When others do OMDS RIPPOFF

NastyLeftHook02337d ago

then forza is a rip off of gran turismo, your logic fails.

Nimblest-Assassin2337d ago


With that logic... Mortal Kombat is a rip off of street fighter

And Smash Bros is a rip off of outfoxies

1)Nintendo did not invent the cross over idea... this existed in cartoons, movies and other mediums way before they came into videogames

2) The outfoxies, had a 4 player side scroll fighter, in which players could pick up weapons and use them against others... this idea of picking up weapons was also used in games like Mortal Kombat 4

3)Games like tekken and soul caliber had the ring out method of defeating an opponent before the first smash

Therefore, using that logic of yours Smash is a ripoff of all the games listed

But in reality it is not... Smash is a different game, and all stars is a different game

All fighting games look the same, but when you sit down and play the thing, you realize that these games do not play the same

People are using the ripoff card cuz of looks, not gameplay

princejb1342337d ago

sony is definitely not the first to try and mimic smash brothers gameplay style but all of a sudden since sony is doing its a bad thing

jump ultimate stars

D.O.N. battle stadium

one piece gigantic battle

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NYC_Gamer2337d ago

Does it really matter?long as the game is fun why should anyone care...

Catoplepas2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I think we're all well aware of who cares and who doesn't. And which particular banners they sit under.

Dante1122337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

Yep, and I don't really think the nintendo fans are the ones who are angry here on N4G as well. It's just the same Xbox loyalists here who bash and troll anything Sony. Claiming "ripoff" when MS has done a fair share as well. You'll see them soon below if I'm correct.

Edit: @ Chunky

Kinect: "Oh, what innovation..this has never been done before" (PS Eye Toy)

PS Move: "Nothing but a Wii ripoff"

MS announces Adventurer: "Wow, this looks great. Reminds me of Indiana Jones. So innovative."

PS announces Uncharted series: "OMG, Tomb Raider/Indiana Jone rip off. It won't sell. It won't sell."

ChunkyLover532337d ago

I think the people that care are the ones that have seen PS3 fanboys accuse everyone of ripping off Sony, but when Sony blatantly steals ideas and other things, people look the other way.

DigitalRaptor2337d ago

Who's these people ripping off Sony?

maniacmayhem2337d ago

But there is no doubt that it is extremely inspired and heavily borrowed from.

Skateboard2337d ago

Good, I like tears in my cereal.

Tonester9252337d ago

Can people like you stop stating the obvious.

Every knows this by now

Ben_Grimm2337d ago

And yet we still need these articles to keep reminding us right?

XabiDaChosenOne2337d ago

@maniacmayhem prove it, and I want to hear who your statement applies to the gameplay as well, not just the camera angles and stage design.

maniacmayhem2336d ago

What do I have to prove? The similarities are obvious and in your face. A couple of tweaks to the fighting doesn't make this a completly different game from Smash Bros.

You prove it.

Tzuno2337d ago

Not 100% but it started with SSB.

SecretPsycho2337d ago

Ssb did pretty much start the 2d brawler genre....but it doesn't mean they own it

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