The Brutal Serial Killer - Video Games

Well Gamers, this is a very sad time as tragedy has struck in America; namely, Colorado. Yesterday, before the midnight grand opening of The Dark Knight Rises, a shooting occurred that saw the death of 12 people, with about 50 injured, some critically. First, I would like to say that Hard Reset would like to extend their deepest sympathy to everyone affected by this disgusting action. There is absolutely no reason for such a thing to occur and why I, as a human being, have started to lose faith in our species. But now you wonder, why is it that I am writing about this sad news on a gaming site? Well, there is an article on the internet that I stumbled onto thanks to a fellow Hard Reset writer and it turned my stomach.

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NovusTerminus2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I remember when the media just blamed D&D for all murders, now, they have games to use as a scapegoat. They can't use Movies, Music and Books, because the masses view them as 'art' and in such, they cannot blame them.

The used D&D because it was a niche market, that they didn't fully understand. Now, they can use gaming and more people will blindly agree with them, and it's because the only games that get TV spots are CoD, and other big name shooters. So all in all, everyone thinks that's all gaming is.

No, it's not right that gaming is wrongfully blamed and abused, but it was not right for D&D either, give it a while, they will find a new medium to blame, or... They will decide to shift back to D&D and wait a while, blaming it, then switch back to gaming.

Fern3172308d ago

That was very well said LordMe!

WeskerChildReborned2308d ago

I know what you mean, these people need to know that games don't make a person a psycho, being a psycho makes a person psycho. I never thought once in my life when playing a violent game that i should re-enact them in reality and i play mostly only violent games.

PoSTedUP2308d ago

videogames don't kill people; people kill people.

rufusman912308d ago

I saw 3 different articles trying to blame video games for murders and deaths.
The Taiwan boy who died after a 40 binge on Diablo 3
TDKR shooting
And some kid stabbing his dad to death.
Ya its sad, but its not the video games.

JustInTlME2308d ago

Actually from what I've read his favorite game to play was Guitar Hero...hmmmm.....yea he learned his violence playing plastic guitar...

Fern3172307d ago

I did not hear that, thanks for the information JustinTIME!