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Nick Cane: "Go get Rainbow Moon and support this growing developer. The level of craft and care is immediately apparent. It’s a game that will eat your time ravenously and still respect you as a player. It’s great for 8-hour sessions or a quick 20-minute spurt. Rainbow Moon proves the genre isn’t dead, the indie game can be huge, and there is a whole lot more to JRPGs than the aging giants."

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cfountain2333d ago

gotta love it getting these great reviews. it and the developers deserve it.

TheMrFraz2333d ago

Thank you, I know our reviewer adored his time with the title (and convinced me to pick it up myself after only a couple hours in). AAA or indie, it matters not. A good game is a good game, and everyone deserves to know about the best of them.

GribbleGrunger2333d ago

That score is truly deserved. It's nice to see a reviewer with taste

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