Sony: 'No Comment' On 80 GB PS3 Rumors

"No comment" is Sony's official word on rumors that the high-end 80 GB PlayStation 3 will be discontinued.

Following reports that Best Buy has removed the $500 version of PS3 from its planogram, a Sony representative told Wired in an email: "I caught up with all of the posts and news last night, and as you know, we don't comment on rumors and speculation."

I expect that rumors and speculation will become facts and certainty soon enough. Everything I've heard points to an announcement of some kind soon on the future of PlayStation 3's hardware configurations.

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Ggame3736d ago

The word "NO COMMENT" from sony is confirmation.

actionjackson3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Agree. Sony usually does this when they are confirming rumors, and in turn dropping something new on the industry. I don't think they will be dropping the bigger hd altogether. Especially with PlayTV on its. As most are suspecting, there is probably a new upgraded sku on its way.

Darkiewonder3736d ago

Sony: "We saw that 80gb didn't sell as well as 40gb so we are going to have a new sku to replace the 40gb and drop that model to 299. We are proud and consumers will definitely enjoy the price drop. thanks. give us your money please!"

whoelse3736d ago

Here's what i recon Sony is doing:

Dropping the 80Gb and replacing with the white 40GB. Maybe, just maybe a price drop too.

Japan have also dropped the 20GB and 60GB (never had the 80GB) and now only have the white and black 40GB.

resistance1003736d ago

Europe only has the 40GB aswell, the 60GB sold out about october/november last year, near enough as soon as they discontinued it.

I suspose going with 1 SKU worldwide (a different colour doesn't really count as a new SKU imo) will save consumer confusion on which model to go with, cut down on manufactoring costs etc. I've never been a fan of mulitple SKU's tbh, there should be one standard.

whoelse3736d ago

Yeah i wont be surprised if Europe gets the white PS3 too!

PirateThom3736d ago

I think they're dropping Motorstorm from the 80GB bundle and dropping the price.

Maybe they're hoping to sell out the SKUs and replace them with the console and a packed in Dual Shock 3.

renegade3736d ago

they bringing the ds3 to the new skus...

rofldings3736d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune + DS3 bundle please.. Also Price drop.

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The story is too old to be commented.