Developer says piracy forced Dead Trigger Android game to go free

'Unbelievably high' level of unpaid-for downloads despite game's $0.99 price

With 400m activated devices and another 1m added every day, Android is on a roll. So why are many games developers still wary of porting their iOS titles to Google's platform? Piracy is a key reason.

Developer Madfinger Games is the latest company to fuel the debate, after changing its Dead Trigger game from paid to free on the Google Play Store. The zombie-themed first-person shooter launched earlier in July for $0.99.

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Anon19742334d ago

Yeah, my company decided to go the freemium route as well on Android. If everyone is insistent on pirating your games, what choice do you have? At least they can't pirate a game that's already being given away.

What I hate is the "pay to win" model that some freemium developers are going with. I like to think that our games are still complete and fun experiences right out of the gate (although ad supported, which I hate doing, but you have to make money somehow because god knows people can't be bothered to shell out 0.99 cents for a game these days).

If you like the game, here's some more options and new ways to play that might cost a couple of bucks. To me it's no different than offering a lite version as a demo and then offering a paid option. It just rolls it all up into one so piracy isn't your primary concern as a developer. Then we can get back to worrying about making a game people want to play instead of worrying how we're going to be paying our mortgages when everyone just rushes out to steal months of your hard work.

MiamiACR212334d ago

Maybe I'm not understanding something, so someone feel free to enlighten me. If lots of people are pirating it on the Android platform, but you're only selling it for 1 dollar, aren't at least some people going to buy it? Which would mean at least you'd be making some money instead of just giving up and making it free to play and getting nothing.

vortis2334d ago

Why on earth would people pirate Android games? Really? They haven't heard of Killing Floor and Unreal Tournament? Who are these people who pirate Android games? They don't deserve to be called gamers.

Mythicninja2334d ago

I wish people would be more honest. 99 cents is no big thing to ask for. I hate DRM as well, I wish there were some mutually agreeable way to solve this. Not to be a hypocrite, I did plenty of pirating in my college days....but we are talking the days of eating at mcdonalds being a fancy night, and the games were $60.... Not exactly a lost sale. But pirating .99 cent game.....hard to construe that as anything but cheap. For shame