WRC 3 - New Screenshots and Trailer

New screenshots and trailer for Milestone's racing game, WRC 3.

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GamingManiac2183d ago

Fuck, this looks awesome! PC exclusive?

NYC_Gamer2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

It's multiplat....I don't know why someone hit the disagree button on you for asking a simple question.

GamingManiac2183d ago

Sweet! Thx ^^ who knows... lol

hennessey862183d ago

have been great in the last two games, but the graphics have been rubbish. here's hoping we will see some nice graphics in this version

Pintheshadows2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

Bloody hell. That's a huge graphical leap from 2. Hope they sort out the convuluted menus.