Nintendo "on track to become primarily a software company" says Gordon

Nintendo continues to be pressured on all sides - not only will Microsoft and Sony likely exert pricing pressure on Wii U this holiday, but the onslaught of smartphones and tablets and free-to-play has completely changed the gaming ecosystem, and specific Nintendo hardware may not be greatly desired in the future, notes entrepreneur Bing Gordon.

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Agent Smith2308d ago

Gordon Freeman said that?

Hisiru2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

So... Nintendo sold 150M DS units, almost 100M Wii units, the 3DS is already selling very well (18M worldwide), software (Pokémon, Mario etc) is always selling like hotcakes and this guy is saying Nintendo is on track to become primarily a software company? Heh...

I know the Wii is very underpowered but Nintendo is always bringing new ways to play with their hardware which is also good for the industry (d-pad, analog, rumble, motion controls, triggers, etc etc etc). I don't think Nintendo will stop.


It seems Nintendo can lose money for years and years. So there is nothing to worry.

Pokémon, Mario and handhelds will always save Nintendo.

Skateboard2308d ago

They make money off that only, Microsoft and Sony have other venues to make money. Spider Man made over 500 million in the box office as of now without bluray sales and rental sales.

Imagine a world where Nintendo is not making hardware ? That would be a huge blow to the gaming industry cause Nintendo started it all on the TV. I like competition and harassing Nintendo fanboys on occasion, this can't happen and it wont : /

beerkeg2308d ago

I don't know if you've noticed Skateboard, but Sony hasn't been doing too well with their other venues.

portal_22308d ago

@beerkeg "tunnel vision" - the electronics industry as a whole is in trouble and is transitioning. However, Sony have subsidiaries in the film, music and television industries which are profitable for them.

vallencer2308d ago

Making money in the movie business or any other part of sonys business does NOT make their video game part ok. Just because sony owns other businesses doesn't mean they share money.

SilentNegotiator2308d ago

Nintendo just launched a successful handheld not long ago and are releasing a console later this year.

How are they even remotely "on track" to being software only?

tehpees32308d ago


Yes Microsoft and Sony have other areas but according to Sony's latest financial report they are making losses in most of their divisions. Including games.

Sony is doomed as well right? Note: neither is doomed. But as of right now Sony is in far worse shape than Nintendo. Matter of fact right there.

Neither are going anywhere though so....

gintoki7772308d ago

Can nintendo make a game with the same graphics as the one in the screenshot. Looks much better than new super mario bros.

Mike_Tha_Hero2308d ago

Pulling numbers out of your ass doesn't excuse the company's faults.

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dark-hollow2308d ago

I love how n4g people blatantly ignores the elephant in the room.

Out of the three companies, Nintendo ain't the one on the red losing billions on a yearly basis, but lol whatever.

According to n4g, the best selling console this gen along with best selling handheld along with best selling software means Nintendo will bankrupt and go third party.

Hah.. what a joke of a site.

live2play2308d ago

i cant stand common cents!

make like a tree and LEAF!

metroid322307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

sony and microsoft have more chance of going software only,but there software isnt worth nothing in my eyes as 3rd partys make the best games on ps3 ect,unchartered/heavy rain blah blah they are crap games end of,at least nintendo has the popular franchises to do so if need be.

StraightPath2308d ago

Lol nintendo destroying competition n.they will go softwate first lol joke site n joke article

ShiftyLookingCow2308d ago

No its Bing Gordon, a blathering Frankenstein created by Microsoft from Freeman's hair and their troll engine.

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-Mika-2308d ago

Great. This is honestly where they belong.

samtheseed2308d ago ShowReplies(4)
greenpowerz2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I kind of agree. Nintendo keeps getting one up-ed on hardware. The competition is learning how to appeal to the casual gamers that sustains them. Nintendo doesn't bring added value to the entertainment side of their consoles outside of gaming, in any real measure. No focus on multi media, robust online and no real desire or motivation to partner with companies that can enrich the brand for more appeal or sustainable appeal.

I guess they think they can trick casuals in thinking they get a cheap Nintendo brand tablet! that's as capable as the Ipad 2 but made for gaming?

Nintendo wants to take a MSFT-like approach, MSFT adopted from Sony with the PS2 in regards of 3rd party strategy to win over hardcore gamers with a undeveloped online infrastructure and lackluster inspiration for expansion. Nintendo's pro controller needs a pro online with it.

darkgod2308d ago

wii u and 3ds not mutly media? ware have u been?

greenpowerz2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

You're not really going to make me post all of the in-house media Sony and MSFT own, the acquisitions and partner lists each company has, are you?

MSFT and Sony are changing consoles to media hubs. I think you're talking about a game console and handheld that can do a few things.

I've seen no evidence that Nintendo has presented any offerings that suggests they're aiming for a "owning the living room approach"
Haven't heard NIN reps say anything nor have I seen actions taken.

Nintendo is a game company only. Nintendo does not expand their potential with multi million dollar partnerships. They don't spend millions on R&D outside of gaming, just on 1st party games and ways to lure in casuals with radical ways to play their games(not enough anymore)

ronin4life2308d ago

They have started branching out with multimedia partners just in the last few months, though it remains to be seen what will come of it.

And it is kind of hard to be "one upped" while remaining profitable on all hardware except the 3ds(yes, including the Game cube) and being at the top sales spot 2 and going on 3 consoles in a row.

yabhero2308d ago

Ugh. Nintendo games on another console, gross. It wouldn't happen, Nintendo would go bankrupt first.

PirateThom2308d ago

Ugh, no they wouldn't. Nintendo aren't your friend. If they were going to go bankrupt, they'd port Mario to every platform there was to stay afloat. They still answer to shareholders, at the end of the day.

greenpowerz2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Tom is right. Nintendo has cashcow franchises that leaves the door open for continued relevance in the gaming market. Sonic the Hedgehog is a example of door stopping franchise. Without franchises like this companies wouldn't have the opportunity for future new IP's as a major player(software) in the industry.

I agree that there is no way. Brand recognition is too strong. Nintendo will force themselves to change. This would take more than a generation to happen if it ever did. Nintendo GameCube status at worst. Nintendo is changing now! and if they were smart they have design their console with the ability to evolve along with the expansion plans(online, multi media, 3 parties in gaming and outside of it)

ronin4life2308d ago

Well, they wouldn't ACTUALLY go bankrupt first... despite their rhetoric, they are a company.
However, they wouldn't go belly up very fast at all, and if they did only the big boy franchises would survive(read: mario and pokemon).

Regardless, this would be DECADES from now, so it is kind of pointless to speculate on it... except for fun, of course...^_^;

yabhero2308d ago

Besides their handheld is still strong. WiiU won't fail, but if it does then Nintendo has the resources to fail a couple more consoles then fall back on handhelds. Then aren't going anywhere for at least 10-15 years.

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ChunkyLover532308d ago

Nintendo said the day they stop making hardware is the day they stop making software. People need to get their heads out of their asses.

Not sure how Nintendo can be in that bad of shape, they have almost 20 million 3DS's on the market, almost 100 million Wii's sold and are about to launch the first next generation console later this year.

ziggurcat2308d ago

i think you mean they're the last to launch a current gen console.

because the wii is definitely last gen tech.

ChunkyLover532308d ago

You do realize that "next generation" is not a reference on the technology involved with the console right?

Next generation is simply the word we use when a company releases their next console, regardless of the tech inside of the machine.

JBSleek2308d ago

A generation is a time frame not a power frame.

Also the Wii-U is next generation and I'm tired of spelling out the numerous reasons that it is outside of how many pixels it has to push.

Then in four to five years when the PS4 and Xbox 8 are out performed people will start talking about it's the games that matter and not the graphics. Give me a break.

live2play2308d ago

OOPS you gotta learn to troll better

you went full retard

you never go full retard

PirateThom2308d ago

What Nintendo say and what really happens in the business world are two very different things.

Shareholders wouldn't allow them to close their doors like that, wouldn't happen.

Dlacy13g2308d ago

I wonder about this sometimes. I think Nintendo easily could make the jump to software only and be successful with it for a while. BUT, one of the reasons Nintendo has been so successful with their games is that they have created the hardware too. From top to bottom they know the system better than anyone else and they can design the game to meet / match what is under the hood. What happens to their design when they no longer control the hardware or have that intimate knowledge?

ronin4life2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

They also would very quickly lose standing and revenue from the hardware side they dropped, lowering their profile and value, thus lowering their game quality/output.

Tunnel vision keeps people from seeing and understanding the big picture here.

thezeldadoth2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

i love how backwards fanboys think. Nintendo had the highest profit this gen, yet somehow they're gonna be the first out the door? wtf...

Ignore sony who's been losing money and cutting jobs. lol

Nintendo's handhelds and consoles have outpaced the competition. The Vita, while not a complete failure, is far from a success. We all know the psp was a flop. Why would nintendo fail first?

TheLyonKing2308d ago

How was the psp a flop, it's games catalog was and still is amazing with games for everyone plus it's sold 70+ million.

Just because lots of 3+ got a DS doesn't make it a success.

Not knocking the DS it had great games but saying psp was a failure is very stupid.

thezeldadoth2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

your idea of a flop, and shareholders idea of a flop are two different things.

Obviously by your "3+" comment you don't understand. Its not about who or what type of gamer is getting it, its about the numbers. Plus ignoring the fact that yes sony is doing a lot worse than nintendo with their games division isn't going to make it not true.

darkgod2308d ago

uno what was a flop? umd movies and N gage lol

NonSpecificActionFig2306d ago

Cough cough..... whispers "PSP go" leaves room quietly LOL.