Xbox creator: 'Games consoles are not dead'

The man who invented the Xbox has dismissed the notion that the console market is dying off.

Seamus Blackley – who proposed the creation of Microsoft’s first console – now works on mobile games at Innovative Leisure. Yet he believes the likes of mobile and social will complement consoles, not destroy them.

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ChunkyLover532306d ago

Finally, someone with some common sense, and this is coming from a guy who created a console and now works in the mobile industry.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I like how he told all of us all in the article

“You can now make mobile games that are really compelling. It no longer requires a high cost device. But there’s nothing like playing Uncharted on a console in front of your TV

This coming from the creator of the xbox as lead to have great respect for him acknowledging the greatness of consoles and the greatest game this generation, uncharted 2.

Consoles will always be king of gaming and who knows the PS4 might replace everything except the tv in a human beings living room.

LAZL0-Panaflex2306d ago

Well said homer, once again u made me proud. Tablets are coming and these little nintentards are gonna get squashed when their beloved "consoles" are replaced with a slimmer plastic box with a screen.

Dlacy13g2306d ago

No certainly not dead. BUT... we definitely are seeing a transformation of what they were into something much more robust. I think the next gen game consoles will basically be "entertainment Only PC's". They will do all the social things we want from our TV and game systems and also have the social apps of PC's. About the only thing truly missing will be the bridge of keyboard / mouse and of course software like Word, etc...

greenpowerz2306d ago

Consoles are becoming the platform these companies can sell and or expose their products from other departments. This concept is growing so fast consoles won't be called game machines in a couple of generations(games will still be a focus)

specialguest2306d ago

My fear for consoles in the later future is that it'll turn into a machine that has to always be connected online in order to be functional. Agreements will be made with third-party nongaming companies to track and collect data on us to be sold to advertisers. Most gamers will probably not care as long as it keeps gaming cost down(or so they presume).

Dlacy13g2306d ago

Agreed, and I am with you they will say the advertising and selling if data is to help keep costs down but the reality is its just another revenue stream regardless of gaming costs they will look to monetize.

Patriots_Pride2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

@SEAMUS - Micheal Jordan called, he wants his gold hoop earring back.

OT - Consoles are not dead but they have to adapt or get left behind. Video games alone are not going to cut it and consoles have to become the ultimate entertainment hub and cater to all ages.

MS knows that the next consoles has to be part computer, part cable box, part social media hub and part gaming which is why MS will make these features standard in every console.

JBSleek2306d ago

The traditional dedicated gaming console is dead.

The mulit-media devices that so happens to also play games is alive and well.

It's hard to find any piece of technology know that is dedicated to only one specific function.

greenpowerz2306d ago

Couldn't succeed without adopting this strategy. Consumers expect this now and see it as added value often times justifying the hard earned cash spent. Connectivity and multi media is a must. Just purchased a Panasonic KX-TG6644 Digital Cordless Answering System home phone because it has many features that add value and it also allows my cellphone to use the land line, share ringtones from cellphone on the home phone etc.

AngelicIceDiamond2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Borderlands 2, DOA 5, B ops 2, ACIII and Halo 4 plus updates to my Xbox with a browser and many, many entertainment apps. My console is digging its own grave. O_o

Dread2306d ago

I know its even worse.

we will also be able to play Forza Horizon, deadlight and Gears judgment soon....o the horror...the console is dead ahgghhghghghgh


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