Wipeout Creators Say PS4 & Xbox 720 Games Will be Multiplayer-Focused

The developers of the Wipeout series of racing games have plenty of opinions about the challenges that the next generation of consoles will offer to game developers.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the developers at Studio Liverpool predict that single-player titles will be on a major decline in less than a decade, and focus will shift to offering multiplayer and socially interactive experiences.

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jimbobwahey2332d ago

I just want a new Wipeout game for a home console rather than a handheld. It's a tragedy that the majority of their releases since the launch of the PS2 have been for the original PSP and the Vita.

Wipeout HD (and the Fury expansion) is one of my favourite games of this console generation, and I'd love to see a sequel.

PS3Freak2332d ago


Single player > Multi player.

Ares84HU2332d ago


MP should be an option. Though there are games where MP is better than the SP but those are mainly shooters.

ginsunuva2332d ago

No, there should be SP-only games and MP-only games. Very few games work well in both departments. This way devs can focus on one aspect more. And with pass codes and digital downloads, they will have to worry less about resale.

Ares84HU2332d ago


I disagree with you. For example, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 had great sp modes and amazing mp modes. CoD4 had a great sp mode and a great mp mode.

There are games where this works. Some games can have both and work great. But not every game needs mp mode or is suited for MP mode. But if they do mp for any game, it should be a "bonus" option, not the main focus.

ChunkyLover532332d ago

Games are already heading towards being heavily multiplayer focused.

Look at Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, God Of War and a ton of other games that didn't need online. A lot of gamers will not buy a game unless they feel it offers a proper worth for the cost. Which is why single player only experiences are dying out completely.

jimbobwahey2332d ago

I don't understand why people say games don't need online multiplayer. I haven't played any of the Assassins creed games, but every comment I've seen for them praises the multiplayer for being excellent and genuinely unique.

I have friends who absolutely love playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer regularly too, and by all accounts the God of War Ascension multiplayer mode is shaping up to be something really fun and innovative, according to the people who've been lucky enough to play it.

So why would you not want these games to have these extras? You still get the singleplayer content regardless, but the multiplayer is something extra that a lot of people can (and do) enjoy. I'll never understand why somebody would complain about something like that.

Kyosuke_Sanada2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Kinda funny that single player games are dying at the same time SP campaigns are a hell of lot shorter and unlockables are rarely free......

Dread2332d ago

alright I hope this is a prelude for a Wipeout 360 or 720 game!!!!

I love the series.

CGI-Quality2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Wipeout is owned by Sony. No point to hope for that.

OT: I sure hope not. As a poster above me said, multi-player should be an option, not a necessity or an exclusivity.

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The story is too old to be commented.