Borderlands 2 - Brian Martel Interview: Badass Ranks, Wii U & A Decent Ending interviews Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel, who discusses the possibility of Borderlands 2 on Wii U, the ending and other controversial talking points. writes: "We've long stopped trying to hide our excitement for Borderlands 2. Every time we preview it or interview key personnel, Gearbox's upcoming FPSRPG reveals new features, bigger guns and more insane characters. However, after getting to grips with a brand new build last week, we yearned to know more: how will the new persistent Badass Ranking system work? Will Borderlands 2 launch on Wii U? As much as anything, will we get a decent ending this time?!

So who better to ask than the co-founder of Gearbox, Chief Creative Officer and Borderlands 2 executive producer Brian Martel? Tracking him down in a pub close to the hands-on preview event, I proceeded to quiz him over a swift half."

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