Is the Ouya revolutionary? A detailed look at the latest console

You may well have heard about the newest console 'Ouya' this past month, notibly because it's been getting an incredible amount of attention all across the net. Now that Kickstarter is well over the 5 million dollars drop, it's about time we take a deeper look at the new android-based console and see what features it offers for gamers.

Although we're talking of a new console, the 'Ouya' is not meant to go competing directly with the other console giants. Boxer8, the team behind Ouya, is moreover looking to play their own game in the industry, focusing on downloadable, free-to-play video games that can be experienced on a low-cost, high power device...

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Spydiggity2308d ago

it's not anything.

it's some ideas jotted down on paper. which, btw, amount to a table pc with a controller.

3GenGames2308d ago

And so what if it's not the best best PC hardware? How is that not better than more powerful systems with mostly crap games. That's all publishers will fund to create because not doing so is dangerous. PC isn't as bad, but there's still not the amount of great games as many consoles gone by.

And the hardware was being shown being played, via controller, on an HD TV. It's not an idea, it already exists.

Kurylo3d2308d ago

tablet with a controller. Sounds awesome to me as a developer :). The best part how open and free it is. You dont have to be part of some major developer or corporation in order to make a game on a console now. You can be just 1 dude.

Not to mention that the consoles rule is every game must be free, but you can put demos up and let them purchase the full game instead.

neutralgamer192308d ago

Everything nowadays to these ppl is "revolutionary"

finite2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

mmmm interesting

Xperia_ion2308d ago

Emulators on my TV sounds awesome.

DragonKnight2308d ago

You mean you don't already have that?

Xperia_ion2308d ago

I do, but I don't wanna move my computer around. I like laying down playing my video games.

Drummerdude412308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

it's tablet based hardware/software that hooks up to your tv...

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