IGN Preview - FIFA 13 Proves the Series is Still on the Ball


Sat inside a Vancouver, a studio so swanky that it might put even Facebook’s offices to shame, there is just one thing on IGN’s mind as FIFA 13 gets its official red-carpet roll out: why is it that EA employees are allowed to take their dogs to work and we’re not?

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stubbed_out2308d ago

Total control dribbling, skill games, balls, feet; great! Now just give me a user interface that doesn't make me want to throw my controller at the wall.

Remember the days when people actually played ProEvo, after a bit of practice you could sort your team formation and tactics in a matter of seconds because the menu control was so beautifully quick. Pre-team setup in FIFA (and don't even get me started on mid-match subs) is just so bloody arduous. Drives me nutty for such an amazing game, or am I completely alone here?