Tiberium gameplay-only video montage

If you don't have the time to watch the whole GameTrailers featurette, here's 3 and a half minutes long montage of all the short Tiberium gameplay movies featured throughout the 4 parts of the show.

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Hatchetforce3735d ago

I played this game. It's called Republic Commando.

Stagerman3735d ago

dude i was just about to say that it looks exactly like RC

Topshelfcheese3735d ago

Umm...News Flash guys, there are very few original games anymore and any shooter game especially is a rehash of something before it. Lets not all hate on a game just cause its from EA for once.

Hatchetforce3735d ago

News flash, we are not hating on the game. News flash, it isn't just that this is a FPS title. Anyone that has played RC is going to see MORE than something that reminds them of that game.

0pt1cK1ll3r3735d ago

Hatchet, your totally correct. I watched the trailer last night, and straight away I was given the impression that this really looked like another RC, at times the soldiers even looked like the soldiers in RC + one of the weapons versions.

I was wandering why they didn't call it RC2, though I'm not hating on this game, I may pick it up not to sure.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Have you played Republic Commando 2? then shut up.

Edit: exactly there is no RC2, so in the mean time this will have to do.

0pt1cK1ll3r3735d ago

First of all I never said RC was a bad game it was enjoyable, and since when has there been a RC2, all I said was they might as well call it RC2.

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Timesplitter143735d ago

Dunno why but it makes me think of Killzone 1

DEADEND3735d ago

Yea I was thinking the same thing at first and it also looks like Republic Commando.

Tariu-kun3735d ago

The graphics are noting special, at this point PC games have no choice but to showboat the best of the best of graphics, what with consoles being where they are.
This won't do, seriously.

Ohwell, not like my PC can handle it anyway ^_^;; so, I thought I should just mention it.