FIFA producer examines the potential of Wii U and SmartGlass tech

CVG writes: EA Sports' FIFA soccer franchise could be enriched by second screen technologies, according to the series' executive producer David Rutter.

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GribbleGrunger2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

But not Vita/PS3 combo? Once again the obvious is being overlooked. With the Wiiu and the Vita, you can use the extra screen as a controller, so why this focus on something that MS is promoting?

cleft52339d ago

The problem with the Vita/ps3 combo is the additional $250 price tag of the vita that is need to make that combo happen. The WiiU will come standard with a touch screen gamepad, hopefully for under $300. And the Smartglass technology makes use of existing tablets to work with the 360 stuff. Most likely you have a phone or dedicated tablet already that would work with the smartglass app. So there is no additional cost if you own a 360 already.

GribbleGrunger2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

So out of the 2.5 million Vita owners, not one of them have a PS3 too? Is that what you are saying? You think it's a good idea to have a controller in one hand and a phone in the other while playing a game on the TV?

There is already a market there for the PS3/Vita combo. When the Wiiu releases the Vita/PS3 combo market will be a hell of a lot bigger than the Wiiu market, so why would devs pass on the opportunity to cover their losses by offering the same options to Sony? It doesn't make sense unless MS are throwing their money about again.

What do you expect devs to do? Cater for ALL the possible smartglass options or just use it as an extra screen? Smartglass is NOT a threat to Wiiu, the Vita/PS3 IS. The Wiiu controller isn't just another screen, it's the controller too... as is the Vita for the PS3/Vita combo.

When the Wiiu releases, I will have already been playing Wiiu like games. Smartglass is being promoted because it's an American company. They're deliberately overlooking the Vita/PS3 combo, in the same way they deliberately avoided comparing Kinect to PSEye.

yabhero2339d ago

The PS3/Vita combo isn't a threat. Let's say half of Vita owner have a PS3. That's a million. 60 million plus PS3 owners and one million with Vita options. why use resources to develop for such a small group.1 in every 60 PS3 owners has a Vita.
Not to mention the WiiU has more buttons,better graphics, and no lag.
If WiiU does 10-15 million is the first year then every single one has a controller. 15 million to 1.
Vita is not a threat.
I have a PS3.
A current gen console with a controller add-on and a next gen console with a dedicated controller. that said, it's more of a threat than SmartGlass.

GribbleGrunger2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

I'll leave your comment about better graphics, more buttons and no lag to one side for a moment and concentrate on the point I'm making:

When the first games release on the Wiiu, they are hitting a market of first weeks sales. What do you reckon that will be? 500,000? 1 Million? There will be at least 1 million people with a Vita AND a PS3 by the launch of the Wiiu... in fact I'd say in reality it'll be nearer 2 million.

So, if you are a dev releasing to a market that is going to be at best 1 million, wouldn't it makes sense to make your game available to a market of 1 million + those with a Vita/PS3 combo? (which is likely to be more than 1 million; therefore doubling your potential sales.

Now let's get to your irrelevant comment:

More buttons. That's a very poor call considering all that the Vita doesn't have is the extra trigger buttons. And did you know that you can use the back touch as those missing triggers? Yep, so you are left with R3 and L3 which are not going to be used for anything significant, just like they haven't on the PS3.

Better Graphics: You're a Nintendo fan. Graphics don't matter, surely? Isn't it the unique gameplay that the Wiiu is offering that's the draw... and quite frankly, the graphics are not much better than current gen and in some cases they're going to be exactly the same.

Lag: What makes you think there's going to be that much lag with the Vita/Ps3 combo? Is it the unofficial mods you are seeing at the moment? I'll tell you now that when they are used properly they perform equally as good as the Wiiu. Take a look at the LBP2 DLC Vita/PS3 combo pack that's coming this year if you need proof.

So there really is no reason why the devs who are porting the 360 version of BAC can't simply offer a little update for Vita owners to experience the same on the PS3/Vita combo.

Lastly: You are missing the point. If the combo does get this too, then that's great for Nintendo because it promotes that new way of playing. So it benefits you and me.

What your argument should be:

The problem with my opinion is that those devs that support the Wiiu will want that platform to sell and by supporting the Vita/PS3 combo, they could be potentially cutting into their own sales for future games. I've been waiting for that argument but no-one has offered it, so I'll offer it for free. I've considered it and I'm more certain that it won't effect potential future sales, but it's really the only legitimate argument as far as I can see.

Ben_Grimm2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

There have already been articles about the Vita/PS3 combo and even more articles comparing it to the WiiU.

The smartglass has just been announced, so now we get ONE article comparing it to the WiiU.

Wow, you are way too up tight when sony is not mentioned.