WWE '13 Designer Explains The Most Frustrating Thing About Making WWE Games

WWE '13 designer Bryan Williams explained on his twitter the most frustrating aspect about making WWE video games each year.

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2pacalypsenow1969d ago

cant they just update the game??

Enmson1969d ago

if they update the game then no one will buy their next game lol

WeskerChildReborned1969d ago

True i say someone else should just make the games like EA cause these games have been getting worse each year IMO.

ShadowKingx1969d ago

Isn’t that what a patch and DLC is for? I mean other games have no problem doing why can’t THQ hop on the band wagon too?

Wintersun6161969d ago

The most frustrating thing about playing WWE games is that outside of visuals there has been zero progress since the PS2 days.

Tonester9251969d ago

Make it like Day of Reckoning 2. It was fun and competitive

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