Batman Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III Running at 1080p

Recent reports from the Chicago Wii U Experience tour seem to indicate Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III will run natively at 1080p.

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DaThreats2333d ago

This should be the standard of future hardware

badz1492332d ago

1080p! anything less would be a disappointment!

Hisiru2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Finally something good about those versions. I hope they will fix the texture problems in Arkham City, but so far AC3 seems to be improved (E3 build had some bugs/glitches and some other problems).

dirthurts2332d ago

@ ZoyosJD
What you are forgetting, is it's running a game at 1080p/60 that was designed to run on 5 year old hardware.
Not much of a leap there.

starchild2332d ago

@ dirthurts

Actually, it is a pretty big leap. I thought you were a PC gamer. Jumping from 720p/30fps to 1080p/60fps requires a very significant leap in performance.

trikster402332d ago

You are also assuming it's running at 60fps. The article just mentions the native resolution, not the performance. Don't jump to conclusions.

darthv722332d ago

for these games to run native @ 1080p wouldnt that mean they had to have been originally created @ 1080p?

Considering these are ports makes me think they would not take the time to go back and start from scratch to make it all native.

Or would they?

dirthurts2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

To answer your question, no.
Games do not work like video.
video is prerendered, and can never exceed the resolution it was originally designed at. Imagine it just being a series of photos. You can only upscale video.
However Games, are rendered on the fly. The game essentially builds the 3D world, and as you move around it rasterizes, or kind of takes photos of what the game is seeing. If it does this 30 times per second, then you have 30fps. But the computer can do it at any detail level it wishes, thus increasing resolution. Essentially, there is no default resolution for gaming. It is rendered on the fly.
This may help

ChickeyCantor2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )


You are here to tell us; that you don't understand that the graphics card will create buffers at 1920x1080 instead of up-scaling from 1280*720 or lower?

I think you misunderstood something there. And I think most people here are technically impaired on these simple ideas.

No offense.

darthv722332d ago

no offense taken. Just really confused at how this all works. It used to be all about the assets of the game and how they were created.

If they were created using high res textures native @ 1080p then the overall game would be 1080p and could be downscaled to 720p and still look good.

As opposed to a game with 720p assets in which case the hardware would upscale them to 1080 if you had it set that way and would not look as good as if they were native 1080p.

So yeah, im confused in how these are supposed to work. seems there are hundreds of games that say they support 1080p but really arent native 1080p.

I certainly wont pretend to know what it all means but that is why i ask.

ChickeyCantor2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Creating assets for a higher resolution just to output a lower resolution is a waste of resources. That is why you won't see it( and won't notice it ...much ). Rendering( rasterizing the final output, outputting the pixels to a buffer image to be displayed) at a higher resolution requires more GPU power and Ram.
Considering all the shaders, Anti-Aliasing what not become heavier as you go up. This is why so many games are rendered at a lower resolution because the consoles can't handle it.

The hardware doesn't upscale the assets. It upscales the buffer. The buffer represents a bitmap with the final pixel data that will be displayed on your screen. And there are times where it doesn't upscale. It's just your TV "stretching"( scaling ) it to fit your tv/monitor screen resolution.


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Psycho_PS3Truthh2332d ago

That standard for future hardware will be outdated next year when the king PS4 comes and tell the world that 4k is here to stay, also 4k displays are coming next year too at a store near you and me within the earth. By the time the PS4 is release, human across the atmosphere will be able to use the PS4 for standard HD or ultra HD which is call 4k.

yabhero2332d ago

I know your secret, but I won't tell...

--Onilink--2332d ago

Yeah, im sure it will have 4k... Never mind you need a $500+ card to run a game like battlefield 3 at 1080p w/max settings. Im sure somehow they will do 4k, for those 10 guys that buy a $10.000 tv....

archemides5182332d ago

actually my year old gtx 560ti can do battlefield 3 1080p 100% maxed out, and that was only $279 when i got it. the 660ti is actually about to come out for a similar price. if you look closely at battlefield 3, it's not as big of a jump as it may have initially seemed, but its tricks are pretty well concealed.

PopRocks3592332d ago

Right. Because everyone will be up and ready to spend $1000-2000+ for 2K and 4K resolution TVs. Especially since 1080p already looks really crisp.

4K resolution may be the next big thing, but as long as it remains expensive (which is how it will undoubtedly start out) it will not take off right off the bat. It happened with Blu-Ray, I'm sure it'll happen with this too.

fr0sty2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

4k is over 8x the number of pixels per frame as 720p, which is what the vast majority of ps3/360 (and currently wii U) games run at. Then of course, everyone is going to want to have 60fps for next gen as well, which is 2x our current standard fps, so you're talking about a 16x the number of pixels per second needed just to keep up with those demands. And that's assuming you're running games that have the same shader and physics complexity as current generation systems, without additional effects like improved anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering. And, of course, if all we get out of PS4 is the same graphics but running at much higher resolution and framerate, people are going to be disappointed.

So, realistically, you should be satisfied to get Unreal Engine 4/Luminous engine quality graphics at 1080p/60fps (and I have my doubts that we'll see visuals at the level of that luminous real time demo at 1080p/60 on any next gen console. 720p60 or 1080p30 MAYBE). People just don't understand the sheer amount of power needed just to pull that off. Talking about 4k with graphics like that is just insanity, especially in a little box that is supposed to resemble a game console, without catching on fire or costing $2000. Remember, with higher resolution you have to increase the resolution on all of your textures, shaders, etc. as well, which increases RAM usage, GPU requirements, disc space usage, bandwidth requirements, etc... You can't just throw a console with 4GB RAM in it (and that's on the high end of what we can expect), a mid-range GPU (you're not getting a super hot, super big, super power hungry GTX 680 in a PS4), and a semi-decent CPU out there and expect that much out of it. It'll do amazing things, but not that amazing.

h311rais3r2332d ago

The ps4 will support 4k. For movies only. If the console is barely pushing 720p what makes you think it will run a resolution 6x as large? Unless you want a $1000 console with crappy looking games at 30fps that is.

I can't wait for the ps4 to NOT have 4k games so I can watch you try and defend it. It will be hilarious.

But seriously. Your equal to a twitard.

cleft52332d ago

Tell you what, when your kings come along than talk shit 2 years from now about how great it is. Also, glad to know that you can see into the future oh wise one.

givemeshelter2332d ago


Can I have what you're smoking?

ZoyosJD2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Guys, it probably will.

If the WiiU can natively render images for the [email protected] and the [email protected] at the same time, what do you think a system comming out a year later and probably at a higher price point(or at least with the extra screens cost invetsted in the hardware) would do, not to mention that BR already supports 4k movies.

@frosty like lunaluagua pointed out, that are already fairly inexpensive cards that can put out great visuals, just give it a year and mass quantity buying power.

Not to mention that consoles can be highly optimized.
ex. a 6 yr. old PC costing $500 would catch fire trying to run BF3 at any playable setting and speed today.

fr0sty2332d ago

There is not a single GPU on the market right now that will run the most visually demanding games at 4k resolution at any decent frame rate. One year down the line will simply mean what is top of the line today will be midrange by then, and that's the absolute most you can expect to see in any console. You don't have to be able to see into the future or any of that garbage to know this, you just have to know how computer graphics work. Next gen visuals at 4k even at 30fps is a pipe dream in any console that will be released within the next 3 years. If you wanna wait until 2015 to play PS4, then yeah, that's a slight possibility, but it isn't going to happen, so just give it up.

An AMD Radeon HD 6990 running battlefield 3 DX11 with anti-aliasing can still only hit around 80FPS, and that's a top end card (it outperforms the GTX680 at the same benchmark). Remember what I said about mid range GPUs in consoles, in other words, even if they do manage to figure out a way to cram a 6990 or GTX680 comparable part in the new consoles, they still will only just barely pull off a current generation title running at 1080p/60. Now, remember 4K is EIGHT TIMES more than 1080p. How in the hell do you expect them to pull that off using the same hardware? It just is not going to happen, period. Our technology just isn't at that point, and if the same tech advance trends persist, it won't be there in a year either. Nowhere close. If you tried running battlefield at 4k with anti-aliasing on the best cards on the market right now, they'd struggle to keep a playable framerate. That's not even taking next gen graphics into account.

Neo-Axl2332d ago

You need some fresh air man, Big Time.

mamotte2332d ago

So, if the difference between 720p and 1080p is noticeable when the TV is bigger than 42"... man, those 160" tv's will look awesome in my garage... if I take my hummer out to make some room. I mean, I can buy one of those, of course I have a hummer.

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live2play2332d ago

although this is good news
people should really not take this as fact
nintendo reps have been wrong before

unless nintendo or developers just flat out say
native 1080p or whatever THEN you should believe it

Straightupbeastly2332d ago

Screw 1080p I want standard 60 frames at the minimum for every game. I'd rather play in 480 with 60 frames than 1080 with 30 frames per second

torchic2332d ago

100% agreed. I don't mind games staying at 720p next gen, but every game seriously should run at 60fps, it adds so much fluidity to the game.

Gamer19822332d ago

Batman Arkham City runs in 1080p already as does AC2.. Oh we talking about consoles here? Geez. I talking about PCs for the last 5 years as standard.. I doubt the wii U can do it besides havnt a site already downplayed this a site who actually do real tests and is a respectable site not some small site like

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wiiugamers2332d ago

I agree. It's great seeing Nintendo accept HD now. I feel like they learned their lesson with the Wii. They didn't support HD because "not very many people had an HD TV" but now they are supporting 1080p when most people have TVs that are only 720p. It's nice that they are looking towards the future on this.

Muffins12232332d ago

Every tv i have and my friends have are 1080p...Most tv's have 1080p support dude

wiiugamers2332d ago

I agree that most tvs today have 1080p support but it seems like there would have been more 720p tvs sold than 1080p tvs sold in all since there has been 720p support in tvs longer than there has been 1080p support. My logic could definitely be wrong though :)

Anyway, the point of the original comment was to say I'm glad Nintendo didn't decide to only offer 720p support instead of 1080p support just because there might be more 720p only tvs than tvs that support 1080p. That was their reasoning with not making the Wii an HD console, they said more people had sd tvs than hd tvs.

Frankfurt2332d ago

Our TVs are 1080p, but there are more 720p TVs at homes worldwide. It's like Windows or iOS. The VAST majority is in VERY old standards.

BlackKnight2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

You are assuming everyone who has a TV also gets a console. Those are 2 different markets. Almost EVERYONE has a TV in America, while that is not the case with a console. Someone who buys the next consoles will be MORE likely to have a TV that is higher speced (1080p) than someone who doesn't care about consoles/gaming.

Most people buying the new consoles will have a 1080P display. Even my dad (62yrs old) has a 1080P TV and an Xbox 360. And another HDTV in his office (720P). He has had the 1080P for 2 years too.

WeskerChildReborned2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

Awesome! Wii U is gonna be a great system. Awesome that it's native.

metroid322332d ago

Ubisoft said the wiiu version of AC3 will run 1080p/60fps and use OpenGl 4.1 END OF.

2332d ago
BlackKnight2332d ago

OpenGL 4.1 is supported by the Wii-U but that doesn't mean Assassin's creed will use it. OpenGL 4.1 is extremely similar to DX11.1. Just because the console supports certain features doesn't mean it will be used (such as the xbox's GPU tessellation abilities or MSAA and the PS3's MSAA ability). Using those highend features comes at a cost of performance. Hardware doing 1080P, utilizing DX11/OpenGL 4 features AND maintaining 60FPS requires not just the ability of the machine to support the features, but have processing power to do it at that speed.

Its similar to how you can buy a DX11 video card for 50 bucks or all the way up to 500. Yes, the 50 dollar card can support all DX11 features and 1440P and all that, but that doesn't mean it will perform will. This is where developers have to optimize, reduce features/res and so on to find a sweet spot of performance and quality that the machine can handle.

Oh_Yeah2332d ago


in addition i hope they use realistic artwork with their exclusives over the cartoonish looks of the past. also include voice acting instead of text and mumbo jumbo noises.

archemides5182332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

I'll say it now, this is EXTREMELY unlikely. Every title that nintendo has publicly shown on direct stream (even when taken from a 1080p broadcast source) has been 720p. Even the extremely simple new super mario bros U was rendering in 720p, and the extremely small "open world" mini-game select area of nintendoland had framerate issues in 720p, so don't tell me majorly complex games like arkham city and AC3 are running in full 1080p. Upscaled from 720p to 1080 to send out a 1080p signal maybe, but not natively rendered. Even the most complex first party game, pikmin 3, was running at 720p at 30fps. Look up the digital foundry wii u footage analysis from a 1080 source if you don't believe me, it's on their site.

However, I hope it DOES actually render in 1080 because that'll pressure sony and msoft to release their next gen consoles as soon as possible!!!!

yabhero2332d ago

Those were running on unfinished kit ad were 3+ before launch...

archemides5182332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

the system is coming out this year, they're not switching anything out. by now they are just optimizing what they have set. it literally takes more than TWICE the power to render at 1080p than it does at 720p, making a bump that big from a pure software standpoint is impossible, unless the initial engineering was completely incompetent to begin with, which i'm sure it wasn't. and don't forget it also has to reserve power for the 2nd screen.

live2play2332d ago


right now wold be too late to change anything

but whos to say that those devs kits werent alot older and they did have time to improve it?

idk and idc

but i do agree that its highly unlikely each game will be native 1080p and 60 fps

PopRocks3592332d ago

"the system is coming out this year, they're not switching anything out."

Compare the ZombiU footage at E3 to the footage that came out more recently. Seems to me there's plenty of development time to change and improve upon certain features.

taquito2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

i sure hope so, i am really, really hopeful for the wii u, and looking forward to it eagerly.....

but.... if it only does 720p, then its just another last gen console like ps3/360

if it does 1080p, 60 frames with some decent aa, at least it will be on par with a 3 year old, mid spec pc, playing some nice nintendo exclusives in 1080p will be a nice way to usher in the next gen of consoles