Kurt Angle Retracts Statement About Being In WWE '13

Even though Kurt Angle himself started the rumor that he's in WWE '13 on twitter, he's now saying he's unsure if he's in the game.

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WeskerChildReborned2310d ago

Wow... that's all i really got to say.

showtimefolks2309d ago

He has really messed up his career by going to TNA I think he thought he would put that company Against wwe and compete with it but no way

I still believe that angle will end his career in wwe and will do a 6-12 months tour with wwe before he retires. I know he just signed a 3 and half years extension with TNA just last year

Gamer19822309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

messed up his career? By leaving a company thats directed now at kids? TNA is what WWF used to be back in the day. I watched WWF as a kid and now watch TNA and i'm 30 and not afraid to say it. I won't watch WWE as its all censored and aimed at children. Not to mention they don't give the right people the chance to make it. Also TNA let wrestlers do other wrestling endeavours besides TNA as long as its not WWE. So Kurt could try out for the olympics etc.. Something he couldnt do with WWE. So get your facts straight.

showtimefolks2309d ago


well if you have watched wrestling for more than 20 years than you know these things happen. We go through a cycle of 10 years of cartoon big muscle wrestlers. Than when ratings start going down they switch it back

i don't agree with you at all, you can stay within the limit and still have a great promo look at CM.Punk promo or rock vs cena build up. Tna is just plain bad that's why i don't like them.

TNA today is what killed wcw back in 2001. and guess what the mindset of the company is still the same as it was with wcw. Hogan and bichoff are doing what vince did 5-10 years ago with shane and stephanie angle. While i do want a adult rated show that doesn't mean i want a bad show like tna

LiViNgLeGaCY2309d ago


Even though TNA has a more mature theme than WWE, it's NOT WWF 20 years ago. The writing is horrendous. Have you watched it recently?

I'm sorry but still, WWE>>>>TNA.

MrBeatdown2310d ago

He made up BS with a broken freakin' neck! Oh, it's damn true! Twitter got hacked!

raytraceme2310d ago

He has a contract with TNA no way will he be in this.

CloudyAero2310d ago

I was looking forward to Angle Slamming everyone...*sigh*
Maybe next year.

DeadlyFire2310d ago

His moveset will still be in the game along with his entrance and things to make him in CAW mode. Just like always with a WWE game throwing TNA people in on the side.

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