Dark Souls get substantial discount on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

An online retailer is currently offering a substantial discount for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the action role-playing game, Dark Souls.

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Ben_Grimm2335d ago

Excellent Game! I wish they would release the PC version for consoles.

BlueTemplar2335d ago

They are - its coming out in October :D

adorie2335d ago

Can't wait to buy this on PC. I enjoyed it on PS3,but Haven't beaten it yet. Too many games. :(

BlueTemplar2334d ago

Me too, looks great - not sure why you're getting disagrees for wanting it to come out on console, welcome to n4g i guess :S

NastyLeftHook02335d ago

a true gem dark souls is!, and for those who have not played demons souls ( -_-) play it!

Mir91222335d ago

Amazing game, beat it almost 6 times.. Too bad it was stolen form me along with MGS4 but this discount is great now I can buy it for the upcoming DLC.

Ashunderfire862335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Damn!!! That is mess up man at least that thief didn't stole ur memory for both games. Hope that thief have a hard time playing both, especially Dark Souls. Maybe if you spot the thief beat him up and ask the thief was it painful as dying every time in Dark Souls? Or is it more painful if I kick you in the balls?

WeskerChildReborned2335d ago

Might be time to pick it up after all.

NastyLeftHook02335d ago

its worth every penny, even more than 60 bucks imo.

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